The 39 Most Underrated GeoTrax Sets

Some GeoTrax sets just don’t seem to get much love. They are, in my opinion, vastly underrated sets that really deserve more attention than they currently get.

B4348 Big Falls Wrecking set

B4348 Big Falls Wrecking set

I suppose there can be any number of reasons for this. Let’s take a quick look at some possible explanations and then see which sets I think belong in this list.

Large Sets to Leave GeoTrax Packs Store

Just a little time left. Get ’em while you can!

Some of you have probably seen that I have many larger sets for sale in the GeoTrax Packs store.

Many of these are one-of-a-kind within my inventory.

I am going to be removing virtually
all of these sets from the store
this Friday (11/4/16).

(Actually, it will probably be Saturday morning because I will be otherwise occupied Friday night.)

I’ll be moving them to places like Amazon and eBay which (as much as I hate to admit it) get more visitors than I do here at GeoTrax Packs.

GeoTrax sets at Amazon sell for a fair amount more than I need to sell them for at GeoTrax Packs, due to additional fees and shipping costs.

Unfortunately for you, that means prices will be higher next week.

But if you hurry,
you can still get lots of good buys
right here in the GeoTrax Packs store.

The sets listed below are pretty much the ones that will go away next week. After that, you may still be able to find them elsewhere (that is, on Amazon), but as I said, they will cost more – usually $10 or $20 more but in some cases even more than that. Continue reading

How To Sell Your GeoTrax for Fun and Profit

K3014 Vehicle Pack set

Ah, the good ol’ days! Your children were young (i.e. between the ages of 2 and 7) and they loved their GeoTrax trains that you or Grandma and Grandpa gave them. But now they’ve outgrown them and you, the parent, are wondering how to sell your GeoTrax to another family who can give them some love too.

I have bought and sold GeoTrax through several channels over the years, so I have some suggestions for you based on my experiences. The channels include rummage sales, Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, and GeoTrax Packs. Continue reading

Coming Soon: Fisher Price Trio Building Toys

This post contains one affiliate link way the end. If you click it and buy something, I'll get a tiny bit of cash at no extra cost to you.

New Addition to GeoTrax Packs: Trio Building Sets

Trio Batcave

Trio Batcave

No, it's not GeoTrax, but I have an explanation for that.

I have a number of Fisher Price Trio sets that I want to tell you about as well as offer for sale. It didn't make sense to me to start a whole new website for them. They were made by the same company as GeoTrax, have since been discontinued, and are targeted at approximately the same age range as GeoTrax toys.

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