C6994 – Mile High Mountain (First Release)

Carry Your Cargo Up, Down, and All Around Mile High Mountain

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C6994 Mile High Mountain
C6994 Mile High Mountain

With the Mile High Mountain set (C6994), you get a fair amount of track, including some unique pieces. You also get a simple, blue truck (or engine) and some cargo to carry – all of which makes for a decent starter set. And don’t forget the mountain itself with the chalet on top.

This is one of the earliest sets to incorporate elevation track and the idea of getting trains and other vehicles off of ground level. Even though this set doesn’t have a remote controlled train, you get the special, green elevation track with the gear-catcher ridge down the middle. Remote controlled vehicles have a gear on their undersides that catches on this ridge helping it to make the climb to the higher level.

If you are setting up these track pieces using this set alone, there are two main ways to lay it out. One is shown above; the other you can either discover for yourself or do a quick search online to find pictures of the alternate layout. I’ll give you a hint: The track at the mountain end goes down to the foot of the mountain instead of up to the chalet.

Of course, if you add a Track Pack or another set to this one, the possibilities increase quite quickly.

You can open and close the chalet door to drop the cargo down the inside of the mountain. If you set a cargo cube inside the chalet and close the door, the floor drops out and the cube shoots down an inner chute only to reappear at the bottom of the mountain.

See how this all works. It’s the fourth video in the third playlist.

Mile High Mountain was first released in 2004 and was discontinued in 2007. See also the similar re-release of Mile High Mountain, Fisher Price product ID N8257.

A complete Mile High Mountain set consists of the following items.

  • Mountain with Chalet
  • Tunnel
  • Upper Spiral Track
  • Lower Spiral Track
  • Straight Elevation Track
  • On/Off Ramp (Elevation style)
  • Elevation Track with Barrier
  • Elevation Ramp Pair
  • Loader Engine (Truck)
  • Cargo Crate
  • Guardrail with Tabs
  • Guardrail without Tabs

Note that the mountain pictured below includes a gray base piece not shown in the full set picture above. It’s not technically needed, but you should look for it if you’re shopping for a complete set. It’s main purpose is to catch whatever you shoot down the chalet chute at the top of the mountain.

C6994 Mountain proper
C6994 Mountain proper
C6994 Tunnel
C6994 Tunnel
C6994 Truck
C6994 Truck / Engine

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