G4695 – Conductor’s Crossing

Stop In and Greet the Man at the Conductor’s Crossing

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G4695 Conductor's Crossing
G4695 Conductor’s Crossing

One of the better starter sets in the GeoTrax world is G4695 Conductor’s Crossing, released in 2004.

The conductor himself pops (slides) in and out of the station when you twist the cupola atop the roof. At the same time, the clock changes time and the cart in front of the station rolls back and forth.

The unique boulders have fossils embedded on one side (see below), and you can perch them on the top of the tunnel to simulate a rock slide. Two large curves help to provide several options for track layout.

The bright green push train is really an electric trolley, as you can tell from the equipment on top of the “engine”. Don’t worry – there’s no real electricity involved here.

This set also includes a rather rare item – an overhead crossing signal or gate. It’s nice that Fisher Price added a few pieces of road track so that this signal could be put to proper use.

See all of these pieces in action. It’s the fifth video in the third playlist.

A complete Conductor’s Crossing set consists of the following items which are all shown in the picture.

  • Engine
  • Passenger Car
  • Freight Car
  • Station with Clock and Conductor
  • Tunnel
  • 2 Fossil Boulders
  • 2 Large Curved Rail Tracks
  • 4 Curved Rail Tracks
  • 4 Straight Rail Tracks
  • Deciduous Tree
  • Overhead Crossing Gate
  • Narrow Billboard
  • Cross Track
  • 2 On/Off Ramps (Road style)
  • Cargo Cart (part of the Station)
  • Luggage Crate
G4695 Depot with Conductor
G4695 Depot with Conductor

The hands of the large clock on the side of the train station also turn when you spin the cupola.

G4695 Depot without Conductor
G4695 Depot without Conductor

You can use these fossil rocks as part of an avalanche coming from the top of the mountain tunnel that was designed for just this purpose.

G4695 Fossil Rocks
G4695 Fossil Rocks
G4695 Train Engine
G4695 Train Engine

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