G6173 – Deluxe Elevation Set

What Makes Up the Deluxe Elevation Set?

It looks like this Deluxe Elevation combination set was first released in 2004, based on where it falls among other sets when you list them in order of product ID.

Combination sets are a great value, especially if you can find them in their original packaging. They are often less expensive than if you would purchase their constituent parts or sets individually.

The engine is a repurposed Pacific Chief (C5792) with a shiny, chrome exterior and red and yellow stripes. The remote controller is a little unusual in that the handle is crafted in the style of RCs from the Thomas the Tank Engine sets. The regular Pacific Chief sets (see H8100) also have this rounded handle.

One minor point: The Coal Mine in the setup immediately below is blue. The one on the box farther down is yellow. To date, I have not seen a yellow Coal Mine.

G6173 Deluxe Elevation set
G6173 Deluxe Elevation set

Here are a few more pictures I have from an old auction for a boxed set. You can see most of the items that are included and are listed below.

G6173 Deluxe Elevation Set closeup
G6173 Deluxe Elevation Set closeup
G6173 Deluxe Elevation Set box
G6173 Deluxe Elevation Set box

This set is difficult to find, but you can see what’s available at Ebay by clicking the button below.

Deluxe Elevation – Ebay

Check the pricing and availability of the GeoTrax Deluxe Elevation Set at Ebay.

Here is a list of the 48 pieces you get in a complete set.

  • From set B1836 Tracktown Railway
    • Coal Mine
  • From set B4348 Big Falls Wrecking
    • Wrecking Truck
    • Construction Platform
    • 3 Bricks (cubes)
  • From set B4341 Railside Farm Co.
    • Barn
  • Sky High Suspension Bridge (similar to C5216 but different color scheme)
  • Train Engine (silver with red and yellow trim)
  • Coal Car
  • Pipe Car
  • Caboose
  • Remote Controller
  • Boulder
  • Crate
  • 2 Deciduous Trees
  • Stop Sign
  • Yield Sign
  • 2 Railroad Crossing Signs
  • 5 Supports
  • 2 Guardrails
  • Cross Track
  • 2 Elevation Ramp Pairs
  • 5 Curved Elevation Tracks
  • 5 Curved Rail Tracks
  • 5 Straight Rail Tracks
  • 2 Short Rail Tracks

I have found no mention of the 3 pipes that normally go with the Pipe Works. The vehicles may be similar to those found in the Tracktown Railway.