G8836 – Deluxe Tracktown Railway

Want 3 Great Sets in One? Check Out the Deluxe Tracktown Railway

G8836 Deluxe Tracktown Railway box
G8836 Deluxe Tracktown Railway box

Combination sets like the Deluxe Tracktown Railway are great, if you can find them in original condition; that is, still in their box with all their pieces. It may not always be the case with discontinued items like these, but generally you get a better deal, a lower cost per piece, when you buy “in bulk”, so to speak.

Included in this combo set are the following three sets which you can find out more about by clicking the links.

If you can’t find the original deluxe set (which admittedly may not be possible anymore), don’t despair. Purchasing each of the three sets individually is still a good idea. All of them are good sets. The Tracktown Railway set in particular makes a good starter set for those just getting into GeoTrax.

Mile High Mountain provides a good opportunity for using your imagination. Once your train is stopped on top of the mountain, you can take your engineer out to explore the heights. When finished, have him take the train down the other side almost like a roller coaster.

A track pack, like this elevation track pack, gives you many more options for setting up the layout of your tracks.