G8838 – Crosstown Express Lines Pack

If You Can’t Decide How to Get There, Try the Crosstown Express Lines Pack

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G8838 Crosstown Express Lines Pack
G8838 Crosstown Express Line Pack

This Crosstown Express Lines combo pack (G8838) gives you the contents of 5 previously released GeoTrax sets. You get a lot of fun in a relatively small package. In fact, it’s so small that you’d likely want to add a track pack so your rails aren’t so crowded.

Not many GeoTrax sets include 4 main vehicles. In this case, you get a remote controlled engine, a push engine, a truck, and a bus. The wheels on the bus (besides going ’round and ’round) do fit on the tracks, even though not shown in the picture above.

Besides that, there are 5 signs, 2 trestles (bridges), several special pieces of rail track, and even a water tower. The spout on the water tower moves up and down, but it doesn’t contain any real water – only the imaginary kind.

The sets included are the following:

B4335 Crosstown Express Lines

  • Express Engine
  • 2 Passenger Cars (Note that they are not identical.)
  • Remote Controller
  • Straight Track (Rail style)
  • 2 On/Off Ramps (Rail style)

B4338 Rail Track Pack

  • 2 Rail Y Tracks (1 left, 1 right)
  • 2 Curved Rail Tracks
  • 2 Bridges
  • Railway Signal
  • 2 Round Railroad Crossing Signs
  • Evergreen Tree

B4343 Freightway Transport

  • Green Truck
  • Cargo Car
  • Crate

C6852 Steamline Station

  • Black and Red Engine
  • Water Tower
  • Railroad Crossing Sign

C6853 Highview Tours

  • Double Decker Bus
  • Toll Gate Booth
  • Bus Stop Sign

The Crosstown Express Lines Pack was released in 2004 and was discontinued in 2006.