L3133 – Grand Central Station

This Place Looks Like Grand Central Station (with Good Reason)

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L3133 Grand Central Station
L3133 Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is a major starter set that was released in 2007. It includes a popular bullet train and engineer combination (Aero & Eric), two additional passenger minifigs (I think they’re known as Yvonne and Jarod), and lots of track – some of it specialized. Besides the Tracktown Railway set, this may be the most popular GeoTrax train set available.

This is the first GeoTrax set that includes minifigs – little dudes that can ride the rails or do whatever else you want them to. From this point on, virtually every GeoTrax set that Fisher-Price made contains one or more minifigs. The exceptions are track-only sets and Cars (the movie) sets.

There’s a lot you can do with this set, which was released in 2007 and discontinued in 2009. It was released a second time in 2007 as set M3235 which was a Toys R Us exclusive. The difference between them is that the Toys R Us version includes a 4-piece bonus.

This is the only set that includes the purplish guardrails and bumper tracks. I guess they were designed that way to match the purple canopy over the station. The guardrails work just the same as those that are usually yellow-colored in other sets.

The two reddish towers are sometimes overlooked features of this set. Both are essentially elevators. In the one, you’re supposed to move; that is, lift or drop cargo, and in the other, you raise and lower people.

The layout shown above is only one of many you can develop using the track included with Grand Central Station. With 16 pieces of track in this set alone, you can achieve a lot of variety. If you have other GeoTrax sets, the possibilities increase hand over foot.

The set pictured above does not show the convex, yellow cargo crate that you get with a complete set.

A complete Grand Central Station set consists of the following items which are all shown in the picture, except the cargo crate.

  • Grand Central Station Building (made of the following 11 pieces)
    • Cargo Tower
    • Elevator Tower
    • Canopy
    • Escalator
    • Cargo Ramp
    • Concourse
    • 2 Supports
    • 2 Lamp Posts
    • Canopy Sign
  • Long Elevation Rail Track
  • 2 Short Elevation Rail Tracks
  • 2 Straight Elevation Rail Tracks
  • 2 Curved Elevation Rail Tracks
  • 2 Switch Elevation Rail Tracks
  • Large Elevation Ramp
  • Long Curved Elevation Ramp
  • Short Curved Elevation Ramp
  • 2 Curved Elevation Tracks
  • 2 Guardrails
  • 2 Guardrails with Tabs
  • Engine (Aero) (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • 2 Train Cars
  • Crane Platform
  • Passenger Platform
  • 3 Trestles (Large, Medium, Small)
  • 2 Bumper Tracks
  • Cargo Crate
  • Remote Controller (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Engineer (Eric)
  • 2 Passengers (Yvonne & Jarod)

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L3133 Station proper
L3133 Station proper
L3133 Station back
L3133 Station back
L3133 Station side
L3133 Station side
L3133 Aero and Eric
L3133 Aero and Eric
L3133 Crane Platform
L3133 Crane Platform
L3133 Passenger Platform
L3133 Passenger Platform
L3133 Passenger Yvonne
L3133 Passenger Yvonne
L3133 Passenger Jared
L3133 Passenger Jarod

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