M3235 – Grand Central Station with Bonus

If Grand Central Station Alone Wasn’t Enough, Here’s a Bonus

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M3235 Grand Central Station and Bonus
M3235 Grand Central Station and Bonus

This set, released in 2007, adds 4 new pieces to the basic Grand Central Station. Three of those pieces are shown above – the yellow and blue truck, its cargo car, and a blue railroad crossing sign. An additional cargo crate is also included.

Sometimes you’ll see the bonus pieces offered separately without any reference to the Grand Central Station set. Now you know which main set the bonus belongs to.

You might not consider the bonus much of a bonus, but it is something. I think the different outlets for GeoTrax were competing for business at the time and were looking for just that little edge that would attract the customer their direction.

I don’t know what the original cost for this bonus set was compared to the basic set. My guess is that it wasn’t that much more and probably did garner enough sales, because I’ve seen this yellow truck and car quite often.

See set L3133 for details about Grand Central Station itself.

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A complete set consists of the following items which are all shown in the picture, except the cargo crates.

  • Set L3133, Grand Central Station
  • Cargo Truck
  • Cargo Car
  • Railroad Crossing Sign (blue)
  • Cargo Crate

You can also find this truck, in changed colors, in other GeoTrax sets.

M3235 Bonus Truck
M3235 Bonus Truck / Engine
M3235 Bonus Cargo Car
M3235 Bonus Cargo Car

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