N8257 – Mile High Mountain (2nd Release)

Roll Up and Down the Hill a Second Time

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N8257 Mile High Mountain 2nd Release
N8257 Mile High Mountain 2nd Release
Truck and Cranks
Truck and Cranks

The only difference between this second release of Mile High Mountain and the first release is the color of the truck and what you can put in the truck.

The original truck was mainly blue and white, whereas this one is yellow and red.

In the original, you could put the cargo crate that came with the set in the payload of the truck. Here you have Cranks (from the Mr. Cross and Cranks set). I guess you have to put him in the back of the truck too because this isn’t a vehicle where the cab opens up, as it does on some other engines.

Note that the original Cranks was dressed in brown and dark blue to match Mr. Cross. Now he has donned a new set of clothes that are yellow and red to match this truck. He still has the same posture and looks as mean as ever.

Since the other pieces are all the same, you can still play with the chute that goes from the chalet through the mountain to the base.

You can also set up the track multiple ways. One way, as shown above, is to curl around and go down towards the base of the mountain. (This is the layout I hinted at in the description of the first release.) An alternative is to have the track go up to the top of the mountain and end at the chalet, as shown on the original set’s page.

Here is the list of components.

  • Mountain with Chalet
  • Tunnel
  • Upper Spiral Track
  • Lower Spiral Track
  • Straight Elevation Track
  • On/Off Ramp (Elevation style)
  • Elevation Track with Barrier
  • Elevation Ramp Pair
  • Loader Engine (Truck, yellow and red)
  • Cranks (Driver in yellow and red)
  • Guardrail with Tabs
  • Guardrail without Tabs

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