N8258 – Mountain Blast Construction Set

Kohl’s Issues a Second Release of Mt. Blast

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N8258 Mt. Blast Construction Set
N8258 Mt. Blast Construction Set

The second release of Mt. Blast adds Hefty, Grant, and Norm but otherwise remains nearly the same as the original. There are a few changes to the colors as is common with a re-release.

The guardrails that were yellow are now brown along the track that goes behind the mountain.

Many parts that were orange are now red: the switches in the Y tracks (all 3 of them) as well as the men working sign.

The pair of tunnel lights is yellow here instead of orange.

Hefty, the dump truck, Grant, and Norm have changed color (or clothes) too.

N8259 Hefty
N8259 Hefty

Hefty is blue as you can see above. He used to be yellow. Grant and Norm (I’m not sure which is which) are clad in a green shirt and blue pants (formerly, gray over brown) and a red shirt and gray pants (formerly, yellow over blue).

Here are all the components of this set.

  • Mt. Blast
  • 2 Ramps with (brown) Guardrails
  • 2 Road Y-Tracks (1 left, 1 right with red switches)
  • Y-Track with Barrier (road style with red switch)
  • T-Track (road style)
  • 2 Boulders
  • Tunnel Lights Pair (yellow)
  • Men Working Sign (red)
  • 3 Rock Outcroppings
  • Hefty (Dump Truck, blue; requires 1 AAA battery)
  • Grant (Worker #1 green over blue, with stop sign?)
  • Norm (Worker #2 red over gray, with sledge hammer?)

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