P1370 – Timbertown Railway

Ride the Rails of the Timbertown Railway

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P1370 Timbertown Railway pieces
P1370 Timbertown Railway pieces

The first design of the Timbertown Railway, released in 2009, includes Steamer the train engine and his engineer Samuel, the Hardest Working Team. Steamer’s wood tender is permanently connected to the engine, one of just a few pairs of vehicles like this in the GeoTrax world. A remote controller moves them along the track.

Steamer and Samuel occur in other GeoTrax sets as well. In those sets, the engine is not necessarily connected to the coal tender as it is here. In this edition, the batteries are located in the tender rather than the engine itself, so they are still easy to get at.

With the Easy Rail Station, even your youngest engineer can easily line up the wheels of any vehicle on the tracks. The orange piece of track in front of the station does all the work for you. When you set a vehicle on this track, its wheels automatically line up properly. The high sides don’t allow for any other options.

The large, green ramps might at first look like the ones in the Tracktown Railway set, but these are actually styled differently. They are approximately the same size and length as the earlier ramps though, and of course, the pair is interchangeable as all GeoTrax tracks fit together with each other.

Discontinued in 2013, this set is popular but difficult to find complete and in the correct configuration. See set R6358 for the second release of this set in the same year.

A common layout looks like what you can see on the original box.

P1370 Timbertown box
Timbertown box

A complete Timbertown Railway set consists of the following items.

  • Train Engine (Steamer) with connected Tender Car (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Engineer (Samuel)
  • Caboose with Evergreen on the side
  • Remote Controller (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Mountain with Crane
  • Easy Rail Station
  • 5 Curved Elevation Rail Tracks
  • Curved Green Elevation Track
  • 4 Straight Elevation Rail Tracks
  • 2 Short Elevation Rail Tracks
  • 2 Ramps with Guardrails
  • 2 Large Supports
  • 2 Small Supports
  • Logs (cube)

Timbertown – Ebay

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P1370 Mountain
P1370 Mountain
P1370 Mountain Tunnel
P1370 Mountain Tunnel

The high sides of the orange track make lining up a train’s wheels properly as easy as pie.

P1370 Easy Rail Station
P1370 Easy Rail Station
P1370 Easy Rail Station front
P1370 Easy Rail Station front
P1370 Steamer and Samuel
P1370 Steamer and Samuel

The two vehicles below are permanently connected.

P1370 Steamer
P1370 Steamer and Tender
P1370 Samuel
P1370 Samuel

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