P5370 – Lightning McQueen’s Close Call

Keep Lightning McQueen out of the Sheriff’s Reach

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P5370 Lightning McQueen's Close Call
P5370 Lightning McQueen’s Close Call

Lightning McQueen’s Close Call (P5370) is a good starter set especially for those who have enjoyed the Cars movies. You get three vehicles – McQueen, Trev, and the Sheriff – that you can use to create some exciting action on the tracks.

The McQueen car comes with a remote controller; Trev Diesel and the Sheriff are push vehicles. All the track pieces are elevation style, so McQueen can easily make it up the mountain from either direction on his own.

It’s intended that Trev start on the one tan rail track included in this set, because he’s a train. However, since all GeoTrax track pieces are really equal in this regard, you can drive him along the dark gray road tracks as well.

The converse is also true then. If you have rail (or other types of) track pieces from other sets, you can just as easily let McQueen and the Sheriff travel along them too.

The Close Call set comes with just a couple of items you could call accessories. There is one special railroad crossing sign, which you would normally set up near the crossing where Trev would be chugging through. The other item is the Radiator Springs billboard which is a nice touch adding to the theme of the set. It works well near any of the road tracks.

The McQueen set was both released and later discontinued in 2009 and consists of the following pieces.

  • Lightning McQueen Car (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Sheriff Car
  • Trev Diesel Engine
  • Remote Controller (for McQueen; requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Special Railroad Crossing Sign
  • Radiator Springs Sign
  • Mountain
  • 2 Ramp Elevation Track Pairs
  • Y-Track (Elevation style)
  • 3 Short  Elevation Tracks
  • Straight Elevation Rail Track
  • Cross Track (Elevation style)
  • 4 Curved Elevation Tracks
  • 2 Guard Rails (light gray)

McQueen’s Close Call – Ebay

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Lightning McQueen and Remote Controller
Trev Diesel

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