R6358 – Timbertown Railway (Second Release)

Press On with Samuel and the Timbertown Railway 2nd Edition

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R6358 Timbertown Railway 2nd Release
R6358 Timbertown Railway 2nd Release

Above is one possible layout for the second release (also in 2009, like the first release) of the Timbertown Railway (R6358) set. With this particular design, you don’t need to use both of the larger brown supports. This explains why you see one of them out in the open all by itself.

The main difference between this set and the slightly earlier Timbertown Railway is that the engine is not connected to the caboose (or a coal tender) and is not controlled by a remote. This time Steamer is a push engine. The engineer, Samuel, remains the same.

The key reminders that this is a town of timber are the cube of logs and the design on the side of the caboose which is an evergreen tree.

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This set is only slightly easier to find in complete condition than the first version and contains these pieces.

  • Engine (Steamer)
  • Engineer (Samuel)
  • Caboose (with evergreen on the side)
  • Logs (cube)
  • Mountain
  • 4 Straight Elevation Rail Tracks
  • 2 Short Elevation Rail Tracks
  • 5 Curved Elevation Rail Tracks
  • Curved Elevation Track (green)
  • 2 Large Ramp Tracks with Guardrails
  • 2 Large Trestles
  • 2 Small Trestles
  • Easy Rail Station
  • Easy Rail Track
Timbertown up close

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