V0420 Christmas Railway: Catalog Exclusive

V0420 - Christmas Railway set
V0420 – Christmas Railway set

The Christmas Railway set (V0420) is the only set I know of that was exclusive to the Fisher-Price catalog. If that’s accurate, this theoretically should be a rather scarce set to come by. Far more people bought their GeoTrax sets at retail stores. Only a relatively small number would have bought this set from the catalog. Many probably weren’t even aware of its existence, back in the day.

If the layout above looks familiar, that’s because this is really a re-themed version of the Timbertown Railway set (P1370). The majority of the pieces came from the same mold. They are simply painted differently to reflect the Christmas theme.

There’s lots of red and green, and the mountain and the track have white for snow. The evergreen tree has Christmas lights, and the cube of logs turns into a blue Christmas present with a red bow.

Samuel the engineer becomes Santa Claus and acquires an Elf as a helper.

Even the buildings in the Easy Rail Station turn into Santa’s Workshop.

The train now has the label of the North Pole Express.

A complete set includes these 31 pieces.

  • Train engine with attached coal car
  • Caboose (with candy canes sticker)
  • Remote Controller
  • White mountain with crane
  • Easy Rail Station (Santa’s Workshop)
  • Orange Station track piece
  • 4 Straight green elevation tracks (with snow)
  • 2 Short green elevation tracks (with snow)
  • 2 Small brown supports
  • 1 Large brown support
  • 6 Curved green elevation tracks (with snow)
  • 2 Large Ramp tracks (with snow)
  • 2 Red Guardrails
  • Santa
  • Elf
  • Evergreen tree (with Christmas lights)
  • Crossing gate (yellow)
  • Gift cube (blue)
  • North Pole sign

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