V2027 – Christmas in ToyTown

Possibly the Most Elaborate GeoTrax Set

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V2027 Toytown
V2027 Christmas in Toytown

Everything about the Christmas in ToyTown set (V2027) really screams Christmas. From Santa Claus and Jingle the Elf to the snow-covered tracks to the decorations around the city, you can’t help but feel that it’s late December in a place cold enough to freeze.

The train itself is made of an engine and 3 cars that are permanently attached to each other, unlike most GeoTrax trains that you can separate.

Several parts along the track light up as the train passes – the two lampposts, the skating pond, the bridge, and the depot.

The bridge and the depot also play Christmas music (or make other appropriate sounds) as the engine and cars go over or by them. The depot also has 2 buttons that you can press just to turn the lights on.

The complete Christmas in ToyTown set, which was a Toys R Us exclusive released in 2010, consists of these pieces.

  • Engine and 3 cars (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Remote Controller (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Easy Rail Station / Depot (Requires 3 AA batteries)
  • Holiday Music Bridge (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • 2 Large Ramps with gray guardrails
  • Large brown support
  • 2 Small brown supports
  • 6 Curves
  • 4 Straight tracks
  • 4 Short tracks
  • 3 Red guardrails
  • 2 Lampposts (Each requires 2 AAA batteries)
  • Skating Pond (Requires 2 AAA batteries)
  • Santa
  • Jungle the Elf
  • Blue Gift Box
  • 6 Candy Cane decorations (for bridge guardrails)
  • 4 Ornament decorations (for bridge guardrails)
  • ToyTown Arch
  • 2 Gingerbread Men
  • 2 Toy Soldiers
  • 2 North Pole Signs
  • 2 Christmas Tree Signs
  • 8 Single Wreaths (for lampposts and depot)
  • 8 Triple Wreaths (for bridge and depot)

Toytown – Ebay

Check the pricing and availability of the GeoTrax Christmas in Toytown Set at Ebay.

V2027 ToyTown depot
ToyTown depot
V2027 ToyTown skating rink
ToyTown skating rink