V9969 – Take the Lead with the Cars World Grand Prix

Get Lots of Mileage out of the Disney Cars World Grand Prix

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V9969 Cars World Grand Prix
V9969 Cars World Grand Prix

The Cars 2 World Grand Prix gives you lots of things you’ve never seen in a starter set before. The most noticeable to me is the color of the track. The dark gray race track is unlike the rail track, road track, or city track found in virtually all the earlier sets. Even though it looks different, you can still connect it to all the other types of GeoTrax track.

This track presents some hidden “dangers” that you might not be aware of right away. There are two separate sections of track that you can set so that your vehicles (likely race cars) will actually fall or run off the road.

Notice the two black TV cameras in the picture above – one at the far left by the dumpster and the other on the right near the bridge. You can turn each of these cameras clockwise (and counterclockwise) to cause part the adjacent section of track to fall away (but still stay attached) from the rest of the road! Pretty nasty, eh? Also lots of fun.

What Are the Other Main Features of the Grand Prix Set?

Another notable item you get in this set in the bright yellow easy rail track near the garage. Easy rail track is supposed to be a foolproof area where children can place cars onto the track without having to worry about lining up the wheels. The track itself takes care of that task.

Then there are the two vehicles themselves that you get – Acer the Pacer and Finn McMissile.

You may not be old enough to remember the real life AMC (a car maker that no longer exists) Pacer, but it looked pretty much like Acer, the push car included here. The Pacer was known for having lots of glass, especially around the back corners of the car.

Finn McMissile is the remote controlled vehicle you get in this set. The design of this car is based on several cars from the James Bond series. The remote controller is of the round design which was the latest produced for GeoTrax by Fisher Price.

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A complete World Grand Prix set consists of a lot of pieces which are listed here.

  • Minion Garage
  • Minion Base
  • 2 Supports
  • Platform
  • Race Banner
  • 2 Buildings
  • Bridge Track
  • Track Base
  • Dumpster
  • 2 Flags
  • Tokyo Pit Stop
  • Porto Corsa Racing Venue
  • Easy Rail Track
  • Straight Race Track
  • 4 Curved Race Tracks
  • Guardrail
  • Short Ramp Race Track
  • Long Ramp Race Track
  • C-Track (Race style)
  • Pace Car (Acer the Pacer)
  • Race Car (Finn McMissile) (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Remote Controller (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
V9969 Pacer by the Garage
V9969 Pacer by the Garage
V9969 Acer the Pacer
V9969 Acer the Pacer
V9969 Banner and Flags
V9969 Banner and Flags
V9969 TV Camera and Dumpster
V9969 TV Camera and Dumpster
V9969 McMissile and RC
V9969 McMissile and RC
V9969 Finn McMissile
V9969 Finn McMissile
V9969 Remote Controller
V9969 Remote Controller

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