W6116 – Big Bentley Stands Tall over the Tracks

Race McQueen and McMissile through the Tower

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W6116 Big Bentley RC set
W6116 Big Bentley RC set

The Big Bentley RC Set (W6116) is one of the last large starter sets. It has all the elements to get you off to a great start with GeoTrax – lots of track, a remote controlled car, an interactive building, and more.

The bright orange piece of track is called Easy Rail track which is found in a few other sets too. A youngster should be able to set a car or engine on that track and have the wheels automatically line up properly so it can move easily along the rest of the track layout.

The other main feature of this layout is Big Bentley himself. Those old enough to know will realize that the name of this tower is a reference to the Big Ben clock tower in London.

When a vehicle passes through the tower in the proper direction, it releases another vehicle “hiding” in the upper level. If the first vehicle passes through in the opposite direction, nothing happens.

A complete Big Bentley set, released in 2011, includes the following.

  • Big Bentley Clock Tower
  • Lightning McQueen (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Remote Controller (Requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Finn McMissile
  • Easy Rail Track
  • 6 Curved Elevation Tracks (dark gray)
  • 2 Straight Elevation Tracks (dark gray)
  • 2 Short Elevation Tracks (dark gray)
  • 2 Elevations Ramp Pairs (dark gray)
  • 3 Guardrails (orange)
  • Stop Sign
  • Yield Sign
  • Curvy Road Sign

Big Bentley – Ebay

Check the pricing and availability of the GeoTrax Cars 2 Escape from Big Bentley Set at Ebay.

The Finn McMissile push car shown below has seen better days. Poor Finn has lost his eyes that should be on the windshield.

W6116 Finn McMissile
W6116 Finn McMissile