GeoTrax Expansion Sets to Add to Your Collection

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Find Your GeoTrax Expansion Sets Here

Listed below are sets that should be considered expansion sets because you would have a hard time playing with them very much on their own.

These sets may not contain any vehicles, or they may have a new vehicle only. They may consist only of additional track pieces.

Before you would purchase any of these, you very likely want to own a starter set or two. Those sets have both vehicles and enough track to make them enjoyable all by themselves.

You’ll notice that the list is organized by themes. The designations are essentially my own creation, and there will be some sets that I could have listed in more than one category.

There are sets in each of these areas.

P6247 Mater

P6247 Mater

  • Rescue Sets
  • Construction Sets
  • Air and Sea Sets
  • Team Sets
  • Track Sets
  • Structures
  • Bridges, Towers, and Gates
  • Vehicles
  • Animal Sets
  • Easter and Christmas Sets
  • Cars Movies
  • Super Friends Sets
  • Toy Story 3 Set

One of the best features of GeoTrax sets is that they all work together, no matter what their type. You can enjoy mixing and matching any and all of them.

If, after clicking a link, you don’t seem to be in the right place, rest assured that you’re on the correct page but may not have arrived at the proper section. You can either back up and try again, or you can scroll up and down that page until you see the set you were looking for. Each link is supposed to take you directly to a given set at its location on the page, but sometimes it acts a little funky. Sorry about that.

All the Rescue Sets, for example are on one page. So if you click Search Light Rescue and end up near the Coastal Rescue Chopper, scroll up a little until you find it.

The list that follows is long! There are just so very many GeoTrax sets that this is just part and parcel of the whole deal. Don't hesitate to scroll all the way to the bottom and to come back here often.