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Listed below are the different types of track found in GeoTrax sets. Also included are specialized pieces such as ramps and bridges.

Pieces that have ridges down the center are called as elevation tracks. These can be of any basic type – gray road or city tracks, tan rail tracks, or special green tracks (which are always elevation tracks).

Elevation Ramp Pairs came with 2 screws for holding the halves together. If the screws are missing, the pieces still stay together just fine. These screws are not specifically mentioned elsewhere on this site (as in component lists); it is assumed that they are part of a set whenever it includes Elevation Ramp Pairs. Also, they’re not usually needed to keep the two sections of a ramp together.

Unless noted otherwise, track simply referred to as straight means pieces that are 6 inches long (or 7 inches, if you measure from tip to tip). There are common pieces that are shorter and rarer pieces that are longer.


There are 3 main types of track bridges that are colored black (dark gray) and gray, not counting the larger bridges that are really whole sets in and of themselves.

Black Bridge
Black Bridge

The gray bridge is mainly used to connect the 2 ramps-with-tunnels (shown below) that you find in the Tracktown Railway set B1836.

B1836 Bridge
B1836 Bridge

This bridge connects the large ramps in set H3464 Workin’ Town Railway.

H3464 Bridge
H3464 Bridge

Cross Tracks

The first two cross pieces below are nearly identical. Notice the raised guides near the center though. Those on the first one are wider than those on the second. Vehicles can pass through the intersection more easily on one than the other. (As of this writing, I’m not sure which one is the redesign that makes travel easier.)

Cross Track - Wide Guides
Cross Track – Wide Guides
Cross Track - Narrow Guides
Cross Track – Narrow Guides


Curved Rail Track
Curved Rail
Curved Road Track
Curved Road
Curved Elevation Rail Track
Curved Elevation Rail
Curved Green Elevation Track
Curved Green Elevation


The most common ramps are on/off ramps, which are very small pieces used to enter or exit your layout.

Ramp - Road Style
Ramp – Road Style
Ramp - Rail Style
Ramp – Rail Style
Ramp - Elevation Style
Ramp – Elevation Style

Longer ramps include this ramp with a tunnel, which you can find in the Tracktown Railway set B1836.

B1836 Ramp with Tunnel
B1836 Ramp with Tunnel

A pair of ramps like the one below comes with the Timbertown Railway set P1370.

P1370 Ramp
P1370 Ramp with Guardrail
H3464 Ramp with Guardrail
H3464 Ramp with Guardrail

This specialty pair of ramps comes with the Mt. Blast Construction Co. set B3007. They are really only useful when hooked together at their highest ends.

B3007 Left Ramp
B3007 Left Ramp
B3007 Right Ramp
B3007 Right Ramp


Most straight pieces have nothing especially notable about them. Even the bumpy road (shown immediately below) is just a slight variation of a road track.

Bumpy Road Track
Bumpy Road
Straight Rail Track
Straight Rail
Straight Road Track
Straight Road
Straight Elevation Rail Track
Straight Elevation Rail
Straight (Green) Elevation Track
Straight (Green) Elevation

Short (Straight) Tracks

Short Rail Track
Short Rail
Short Elevation Rail Track
Short Elevation Rail
Short Elevation Track
Short Elevation


The most common Y-track pieces come in left and right orientations. These are different from switch tracks in that, after a vehicle makes the turn, it continues in a direction at a right angle from its original orientation. After making a turn on a switch, the vehicle is still going in the same direction, much like in a real-world train yard.

You will also find specialty Y-tracks as shown below.

Y-Track Right Rail
Right Y-Track – Rail Style
Left Y-Track - Road Style
Left Y-Track – Road Style
Double Y-Track
Double Y-Track
B3007 Turn Off with Barrier
B3007 Mt. Blast Construction Co. Turn Off with Barrier

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  1. Have you ever had success in fixing a broken train and remote? I have a train that the light is on and the remote that makes sounds but no movement in the train. Wondering if you have any ideas.

  2. I have a Sky High Suspension Bridge. We are missing a piece that I don’t see on here. It’s the end green piece that meets the column. Do you happen to know where to go for them? thanks

  3. We have some larger/longer tan curve track pieces, like the “curved rail” but supersized, what set are they from, do you know?

    1. Hi Angela,

      There are a couple of sets that include the long curves you’re asking about.

      One set is Conductor’s Crossing (G4695). Another set is All About Trains (H9448).

  4. les Sullivan

    Thanks Gary,
    I know it has been a while since you have posted anything, but my son (almost 16) are dusting off his enormous collection and taking inventory. Your list was great.

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