About GeoTrax Packs

Playtime with your kids (or grandkids) is probably the best time of your day – especially if the toy or the game is lots of fun in and of itself. GeoTrax trains, cars, planes, buildings, tracks, and more are some of the funnest (sic) toys you may ever play with – especially if you let your child play with you.

GeoTrax Packs will help you explore the GeoTrax world so you can get maximum enjoyment from these toys.

  • Do you already own some GeoTrax sets but you’ve lost a piece or two?
  • GeoTrax Packs can help you find replacements.
  • Do you want to add more sets to your collection?
  • Check out the other fun sets available. They all work together!
  • Are you new to the GeoTrax world?
  • Discover which sets make good starter packs for beginners.

How GeoTrax Packs Can Help You


My name is Gary Sonnenberg. I’m glad you found GeoTrax Packs.

I have loved playing with toys and games my whole life. I played them with my children, and now I get to play some more with my grandchildren.

My own children never had GeoTrax when they were young because they were past preschool age by the time Fisher-Price first produced them. I found out about them almost by accident while searching the Web for other toys one day.

When I learned that no one else (not even Fisher-Price) had a complete list of the GeoTrax sets that were available, I set out to create such a compilation myself. It may not be complete yet, because it takes a lot of first-hand research to put it together, but I think it’s pretty close and generally quite accurate.

How You Can Help GeoTrax Packs

If you have information to add to or to correct anything you find here, don’t hesitate to let me know about it. You can use the Contact page to tell me what you know about GeoTrax.