At Amazon Prices Aren’t Always What They Seem

Did you ever click a link on a site (like GeoTrax Packs) to see how much something costs at Amazon?

Of course you have. We’ve all done it. That’s how Amazon has become one of the largest sites in the world.

What did you think of the price you saw when you got there?

Way too high? Did it scare you off?

If so, read on. There’s often more to pricing at Amazon than first meets the eye.

Initial Prices Aren’t Always What You Have to Pay

Let’s take a look at some GeoTrax track that you can get at Amazon, as an example of how the price you first think you might have to shell out is nothing close to the amount you could end up paying.

The City Track Pack (K2262) shown above consists of 20 pieces. Eleven of those pieces are gray track with city street markings (as opposed to gravel roads or railroad tracks). The other 9 pieces are signs, crossing gates, a tree, and a billboard.

It’s a very nice assortment for a track set.

But is it worth nearly $125?

Certainly not.

Many people would, at this point, run away without realizing there might be more to this deal than the initial offer shows.

Dig Deeper to Find Real Treasures

If you click the title of this track listing, you’ll see something like this.

Obviously we’re still looking at the same track set, but notice how the price has suddenly changed. Instead of $125, you can now expect to pay closer to $35.


I bet you’re more interested in making a purchase now, aren’t you?

Notice too that the original listing mentioned just “2 new offers”, but here we see that there are both “Used & new” offers and that there could be 5 of them.

Before you make a purchase, I suggest you always click once more to see what the individual offers include. In this case, here’s the lowest one (as of this writing).

Yeah, that’s me. Besides selling many sets and pieces of GeoTrax here at my own site, I also sell some at Amazon (and at eBay).

If you have never dug this far into an Amazon listing, let me explain to you the details of what you see here.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the price in red at the left. Most offers include a shipping cost. Most of those that don’t are only able to do so for those shoppers who have a Prime account.

Next to the pricing is the sellers estimate of the condition of the item. Amazon doesn’t always have a “Used” category for sellers to choose. Often the only option is “Collectible” – whether or not the item is truly collectible in the traditional sense of the word.

In this area, the seller has the option to include pictures of the actual items they have for sale (as I have done in the example above). You can click on that picture (not here, but in an actual listing) to see it larger. If the seller has posted more than one picture, you’ll be able to scroll through them at that time.

Next to the condition is where the item will ship from and how long it might take to arrive. Many shoppers don’t realize that many, many items for sale at Amazon do not ship directly from an Amazon warehouse. Many sellers (like me) ship them right from their homes.

Finally, there is some information about the seller himself. If you click the sellers name (which may be a brand name in some cases), you can see recent feedback and other items the seller is offering at Amazon.

This can be really helpful when you want to purchase more than one item. The seller can often bundle the items into one box so you only have one shipment to keep track of.

Saving Money at Amazon Just Got Easier

Well, easier and a little harder at the same time. You now know how to find lower prices, but you do have to click just a couple more times than you used to.

I think it’s worth the effort, don’t you?

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