Buying Track: The Unsexy Purchase

B4337 Road Track Pack
B4337 Road Track Pack

The excitement of GeoTrax is in the engines, the airplanes, the boats, the remotes, the push cars, the buildings, the bridges, the towers…in fact, just about everywhere except in the track.

But you need track on which to run your trains.

Sooner or later, you’re going to want more track than what you get in a (complete) vehicle or building set.

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At Amazon Prices Aren’t Always What They Seem

Did you ever click a link on a site (like GeoTrax Packs) to see how much something costs at Amazon?

Of course you have. We’ve all done it. That’s how Amazon has become one of the largest sites in the world.

What did you think of the price you saw when you got there?

Way too high? Did it scare you off?

If so, read on. There’s often more to pricing at Amazon than first meets the eye.

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Note to Amazon GeoTrax Shoppers

If you are still in the market for GeoTrax this year and plan on shopping at Amazon, there are some things I’d like you to know.

Note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

I currently have over 100 sets for sale at Amazon. “Gary Sonnenberg” is my ID at Amazon, so it’s easy to tell if you’re buying from me.

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GeoTrax Packs Community Facebook Group Open for You!

I recently started a public Facebook group for GeoTrax owners and gift givers. This means you parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who love giving GeoTrax to the youngsters you love.

You can join the group (for free, of course) as long as you have a Facebook account or are willing to create one by going here…

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The 39 Most Underrated GeoTrax Sets

Some GeoTrax sets just don’t seem to get much love. They are, in my opinion, vastly underrated sets that really deserve more attention than they currently get.

Note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

B4348 Big Falls Wrecking
B4348 Big Falls Wrecking

I suppose there can be any number of reasons for this. Let’s take a quick look at some possible explanations and then see which sets I think belong in this list.

Reasons 1 to 4

1) Perhaps the set is simply not widely known. If no one knows about it, how could anyone ever buy it?

2) Maybe it’s a set that is really expensive, like the Christmas in Toytown set. That particular set, which is the most costly by far, is really worth it if you have the funds.

V2027 Toytown
V2027 Toytown

3) Some sets do require that you have a complementary set. For example, an airplane set won’t do you much good unless you also have the airport, barn, or bridge sets that use the blue air track.

4) Sets that are mainly track pieces and do not include any vehicles are generally popular, but there are a few that don’t seem to sell as well as the others. In one case this might be because the style and look of the track is gray road, as opposed to tan railroad tracks. This really shouldn’t make any difference as the vehicles work just as well on the one as on the other.

Adult-Think Gets in the Way

I think sometimes adults, whether parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles, who are doing the shopping underestimate the child’s creativity and only look at the “fancier” sets. I’m thinking especially of the sets that include remote controllers.

You might not think they look “cool” enough without a remote or if they don’t run on the track pieces. But kids don’t always care about that. Remember, they can have tons of fun with things like pots, pans, and cardboard boxes.

Each set has its own fun features. You might not recognize them at first, but it won’t take long for the children to discover them. They are far less intimidated by these things than adults sometimes are.

Adults often only consider how something is “supposed to work”. Children will try anything and everything with them and in the process reveal characteristics of these toys that adults had no idea were there.

Why Should I Add Smaller Sets to My Collection?

If you were to put all of the GeoTrax sets together, you’d have quite a complete city. There would be a city center, new construction, emergency services, open roads, bridges, a harbor, an airport, a farm and ranch (just outside town), waste management, a zoo, and even more.

L3136 Rope 'n Ride Ranch
L3136 Rope ‘n Ride Ranch

In many cases, it’s the smaller sets that you’d need to make this scene complete. Those are some of the sets that are often overlooked, as you’ll see in the list below.

The List of Unloved GeoTrax Sets

Here then are the sets that, according to my own records and research, are currently just not getting that love. You can change that by giving them a little love of your own so that the children can, in turn, give them even more.

Maybe 39 is too long of a list, but it is what it is.

To see if any of these are currently available in the GeoTrax Packs store, enter the five-character product ID in the search box in the right hand column and hit Enter.

If nothing shows in your search results, you’ll have to head over to eBay or Amazon to see if there are any currently available there. (There probably are some there.)

  1. B4337 Road Track Pack
  2. B4340 Load ‘em Up Gravel Co.
  3. B4344 Big Rig Trucking
  4. B4348 Big Falls Wrecking
  5. C1857 Cross Valley Junction
  6. C6448 Elevation Track Pack – Flats & Ramps
  7. C6852 Steamline Station
  8. C6853 Highview Tours
  9. C6854 Fork Lift Freight
  10. C6856 Search Light Rescue
  11. C6857 Pile High Plowing
  12. G4695 Conductor’s Crossing
  13. G4881 Harbor Docks Lighthouse
  14. G5543 Ocean Cargo Transport
  15. G5544 Seaplane Fueling
  16. G5545 Portside Fishing Pier
  17. H6373 Coastal Rescue Chopper
  18. H9448 All About Trains
  19. K0403 Sparkle ‘n Clean Garbage Truck
  20. L3135 Chop ‘n Haul Sawmill
  21. L3136 Rope ‘n Ride Ranch
  22. L5888 Lift ‘n Load Quarry
  23. L5889 Rocky Falls Tunnel
  24. L5907 Ox and Jed
  25. L6374 Ambulance with Stat and Stewart
  26. L6375 Dumpster with Hugh and Vern
  27. L6377 Hefty, Grant, and Norm
  28. L6928 Woohoo and Opie
  29. L6929 Mr. Cross with Cranks
  30. L6930 Screech and Skip
  31. M3234 Siren Sounds Rescue Tower
  32. M3236 Hauler with Big Rob
  33. N1250 Loopy Loco and Darren
  34. N1251 Flash the Jet and Dan the Pilot
  35. N4799 On-the-Go Zoo
  36. N8852 Gravel Pit
  37. R8248 Holiday Train Set #1
  38. R8249 Holiday Train Set #2
  39. V2027 Christmas in Toytown

Which Sets Should I Get First?

If I were buying more GeoTrax sets for my grandchildren, some of those listed above would be among the first I would get. For example, the sawmill, ranch, zoo, and holiday (Christmas) sets are some of the niftiest ones made. There are no remotes included in any of those, but that really doesn’t matter.

Part of the reason I think I would give those sets is that they’re ones I would like to get for myself. You tend to give what you’d like to get, even when it comes to classic GeoTrax.

What would you like to get next?