With Batman, GeoTrax Draws Super Friends into Its World

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“Holy Batcave, Batman!”

I think that’s something that the Robin from the original TV series might have said to Batman upon seeing the batcave for the first time. If he never did, he should have because Batman’s Batcave is such an awesome place.

Maybe it’s also something he would have said upon seeing the GeoTrax batcave. Maybe he would have even exclaimed one of his famous “holy” lines after seeing the GeoTrax Batman minifig!

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GeoTrax Cars and Cars 2 Sets Feature Many Movie Characters

Cars GeoTrax Sets Star Several Characters

You may have seen the Disney Pixar movie Cars (2006) or its sequel Cars 2 (2011). If not, you may want to watch one or both of them to better understand what all the excitement is about relative to their place in the GeoTrax world.

These movies were and continue to be very popular with children and adults alike. It’s no wonder then that Fisher Price chose to craft some of the vehicles from the movies as GeoTrax remote control cars and trucks. Continue Reading

GeoTrax Offers 5 Holiday Train Sets

Choose from 5 GeoTrax Christmas Train Sets for The Holiday Season

Back in 2009, Toys R Us really got into the Christmas spirit when it came to GeoTrax sets. They produced 3 separate Christmas train sets which were exclusive to their stores. In 2010, Fisher Price and Toys R Us came up with 2 more sets.

Two of the 2009 sets, Fisher Price Christmas train product IDs R8248 and R8249, were nearly identical. The third, product ID T1350, followed the “team” theme that you can find in many other sets. One of the 2010 sets, Christmas Railway (V0420), was only available via the Fisher Price online catalog. The other, Christmas in Toytown (V2027), was again exclusive to Toys R Us.

Let’s take a quick look at what you get in each of these sets. I’ll especially compare and contrast the first two.

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Explore the Fun of GeoTrax

There Is More to GeoTrax Than You Probably Know


Whether you have just discovered GeoTrax or whether you already own a few GeoTrax sets, if you spend a little time here at GeoTrax Packs, you will soon see that there are literally hundreds of sets available.

You just have to know where to look, and sometimes you have to be a little patient because some are more readily available than others.

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