With Batman, GeoTrax Draws Super Friends into Its World

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“Holy Batcave, Batman!”

I think that’s something that the Robin from the original TV series might have said to Batman upon seeing the batcave for the first time. If he never did, he should have because Batman’s Batcave is such an awesome place.

Maybe it’s also something he would have said upon seeing the GeoTrax batcave. Maybe he would have even exclaimed one of his famous “holy” lines after seeing the GeoTrax Batman minifig!

DC Comics Super Friends Added to GeoTrax

To the best of my knowledge, Fisher Price decided to incorporate just 2 of the DC Comics Super Friends into their set list: Batman and the Green Lantern. All other related sets are about the arch enemies of Batman, such as the Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin.

Starting in 2008 or 2009, Fisher Price produced the Super Friends Track Pack – Batman (product ID O1193) which included a pair of vehicles and lots of black track. Black items are almost always included in sets related to Batman. This obviously goes with the theme (found mainly outside the GeoTrax world) of the hero being the Dark Knight and also refers to the fact that most bats are either black or dark gray.

At about the same time, Fisher Price released the only other Super Friend found in GeoTrax sets, the Green Lantern. Set O9600 contains just an engine, the Green Lantern himself, and a remote controller.

More Batman Included in GeoTrax

Towards the end of the GeoTrax run in 2011, Batman appeared in 3 more interesting sets. First there were 2 small sets consisting of just 3 pieces each. Set V7872 has the Batmobile, Batman, and a remote controller. Set V7873 has Batman’s Engine, Batman, and a remote controller.

V7872 Batman and Batmobile set
V7872 Batman and Batmobile set

It’s true that giving Batman (and some of the other related characters) a train engine doesn’t fit well with the Batman theme in and of itself, but it does connect these characters to the GeoTrax world. Perhaps this thin connection is one of the reasons that Fisher Price didn’t delve into the Super Friends world any more than it did.

The biggest and probably most popular Batman set is V8488 DC Super Friends the Batcave RC Set. Besides the GeoTrax Batman, the Batmobile, and a remote controller, you also get the Batcave, the Jokemobile, the Riddler’s Hideout, the Riddler, and some track pieces.

More Arch Enemies Included in GeoTrax

That gives you just a taste of the arch enemies of Batman that you can find in GeoTrax sets. There are at least 6 more sets featuring these evildoers.

You can get the Joker, the Joker’s Engine, and a remote controller in set V7874. Set V7875 gives you 2 train cars, lots of track, and more items. The Joker’s Lair comes in set V8491 along with his engine, the Joker himself, and a piece of track.

Set V8489, the Super Friends Deluxe Playset – Gotham City, may contain the same items as set V8490. Included are the Gotham City bank and jail buildings, the Penguin, and his Umbrella Wagon. The Penguin also has a lair which you can find in set W9964. That set also includes a pair of animal penguins which is a little unusual, because I don’t think the animals were found in many of the series episodes or movies.

In what may be the last set that Fisher Price developed, you can get the Riddler’s Joke Factory, which looks suspiciously like the Beamtown Fire Station dressed up in new colors. You also get a vehicle and the Riddler to drive it.

Maybe it’s because Fisher Price was winding down the production of GeoTrax sets that they didn’t include any more villains. I think they could have done some interesting things with characters such as Mr. Freeze or King Tut. They also could have featured the Joker some more, since he was often a prominent figure in the series and movies.

Batman Sets Are Compatible with Other GeoTrax Sets

As with all other GeoTrax sets, the pieces in these Batman and DC Comics Super Friends sets work seamlessly with any other GeoTrax sets you may already own and any you may purchase in the future. The black track stands out somewhat from the normal tan, gray, and green tracks, but you can use this to inject some fun of a new type. Imagine connecting the Timbertown Railway, for example, to the Batcave. It’s like adding a little time travel into the GeoTrax world.

Since these were some of the last sets that Fisher Price created, I think some of them may be a little more difficult to find. At least, they have been in my experience. You may have to be a little more patient than usual if you are interested in obtaining any of them. I hope your patience is rewarded.

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