12 Days of Deals for Toys

If, on the off chance you don’t find any GeoTrax or Trio building sets you want here at GeoTrax Packs, why not skip over to Amazon and check out their “12 Days of Deals” for toys?

You should still be able to find great deals on Star Wars, Toy Story, STEM, Playmobil, and many other brands.

If you buy soon, you’ll get your purchases in plenty of time for Christmas gift giving or for those who have January birthdays, like me.

See what’s available for toys at Amazon now!

Find More GeoTrax at Ebay and Amazon

Update: I no longer have an Ebay Store, and I’m not selling at Amazon anymore either. I still sell items at Ebay, just not via a formal store.

GeoTrax Packs has a fair number of GeoTrax sets and pieces, but you might not find exactly what you were looking for here. If the GeoTrax Packs inventory doesn’t match your wants, what should you do next?

I offer you 2 options: Gary’s (my) Ebay store, called Games From Gary, and Gary’s Amazon store.

Games From Gary at Ebay

I’m not sure why I called my Ebay store Games From Gary, but I think it was because, at the time, I was selling mostly games there. I still do have some games, books, and other items in the store, but I consider my main line of products to be GeoTrax.

There is relatively little overlap between what you see here at GeoTrax Packs and what you see at Games From Gary. So, if you can’t find what you need here, check my Ebay store next.

Gary’s Amazon Store Listings

When neither GeoTrax Packs nor Ebay have the set you really want, it’s time to check Amazon. I often save my best items for Amazon.

My Amazon “store” isn’t setup quite like my other stores. When you first visit Amazon (using the link below or in the menus), you’ll see a number of comments about previous sales I’ve made.

To see the products I have for sale, you’ll need to click the “Products” tab at the end of the line, as shown below.

Tabs on my Amazon page

When you click Products, you should see dozens of items I have for sale, the vast majority of which are GeoTrax.

If you have any problems getting to either of these stores, just let me know. I’ll help you get there one way or another.

Get ’em While They’re Low: Prices Could Go Up in November

As you may be aware, besides having a store here at GeoTrax Packs, I also have many GeoTrax (and other) items for sale at Amazon.

L3133 Grand Central Station
L3133 Grand Central Station

In case you do some of your Christmas shopping for GeoTrax at Amazon, I thought it only fair to let you know that, come November, many of the prices for GeoTrax that I have listed there will be revised in an upward direction.

In other words, prices will very likely go up.

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Buying Track: The Unsexy Purchase

B4337 Road Track Pack
B4337 Road Track Pack

The excitement of GeoTrax is in the engines, the airplanes, the boats, the remotes, the push cars, the buildings, the bridges, the towers…in fact, just about everywhere except in the track.

But you need track on which to run your trains.

Sooner or later, you’re going to want more track than what you get in a (complete) vehicle or building set.

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At Amazon Prices Aren’t Always What They Seem

Did you ever click a link on a site (like GeoTrax Packs) to see how much something costs at Amazon?

Of course you have. We’ve all done it. That’s how Amazon has become one of the largest sites in the world.

What did you think of the price you saw when you got there?

Way too high? Did it scare you off?

If so, read on. There’s often more to pricing at Amazon than first meets the eye.

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