How Many Ways Can You Use Curved Track?

Trains Go Left, Trains Go Right, Trains Go Round and Round

Curved pieces of track have a multitude of uses, more than you might at first expect. Sure, they take you around the corner, but they really do more than that.

You can use 4 curves to make a circle and have your train go around and around and around. Granted, that would get a little tiresome after a while, depending on your age. It might actually be something your 2-year-old would appreciate.

You can open up that circle and add curved track that waggles back and forth, left and right, for as much space as you have available and then bring it back together again at the far end with another half-circle.

Curved Rail Track

Curved Rail Track

With the addition of a single piece of cross track (something you probably already own), you can do a figure eight. If you have multiple cross tracks, you can string several eights (if you can still call them that) together in a row.

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GeoTrax Layouts Are Many and Varied

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Take Your Pick of the Many GeoTrax Layouts Available

Many GeoTrax train sets, especially the starter sets, come with multiple pieces of track. If you get such a set, you may wonder if there is a correct way to put it all together.

If you're in a hurry, you can get to pictures of some sample layouts here.

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