Large Sets to Leave GeoTrax Packs Store: UPDATED (and Reversed)

UPDATE: Many of the sets below are now back in the GeoTrax Packs store. Yay!

Some of you have probably seen that I have many larger sets for sale in the GeoTrax Packs store.

Many of these are one-of-a-kind within my inventory.

I have removed virtually all of these sets from the store as of Friday (11/4/16).

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GeoTrax Timbertown Railway a Perennial Favorite

Is Timbertown Railway the Most Popular GeoTrax Starter Set?

It’s probably impractical to take a poll of all GeoTrax owners to see what their favorite GeoTrax starter set is. But if we could, I think Timbertown Railway would rank in the top three or four.

Other starter sets that pop up quite often are the initial GeoTrax set called Tracktown Railway, the Grand Central Station set, and the GeoAir High Flyin’ Airport.

Personally, my favorite is this Timbertown Railway, primarily because of the style of the train engine. I like the older, stocky steam engine over the newer, sleek speed train. Continue Reading

Grand Central Station Controls GeoTrax Traffic

There are two obvious affiliate links to Amazon below. If you click and make a purchase, I get a relatively small commission.

This Place Looks Like Grand Central Station

Have you ever heard anyone say something like, “This place looks like Grand Central Station!”? I remember that phrase from when I was young – too young to really understand what it means.

The real life Grand Central Station, or Grand Central Terminal, is located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in New York City. It is currently (and probably always will be) the largest such structure in the world.

The chief similarity between the New York Grand Central Terminal and the GeoTrax Grand Central Station, other than the fact that both service commuters with trains, seems to be the large archways of which there are many in the real station.

The GeoTrax Grand Central Station set is one of the most popular of all GeoTrax sets. The original set has almost 3 dozen pieces, not counting the several that make up the Station proper. There are many ways to layout and play with the 14 pieces of track. You get 3 minifigs – one engineer and two passengers – in this set which always make for a more enjoyable experience.

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