Expansion Sets Featuring Batman, Super Friends, & Enemies

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Batman and the Green Lantern Lead the Way

In late 2008 or early 2009 and again in 2011, Fisher Price delved into the world of the Super Friends, a group of super heroes based on DC Comics’ Justice League of America. Sets featured two of the heroes – Batman and the Green Lantern. Others sets focused on three of the villains – Joker, Riddler, and Penguin. I think they may have expanded this lineup if the toys had stayed in production, but 2011 was the last year Fisher Price made any GeoTrax sets. The Riddler is found in the Batcave set and his own Joke Factory set (which is confusing because he’s the Riddler, not the Joker). The Penguin comes in three different sets – the two Gotham City sets and his own Lair set. The Joker is featured in four sets – the Batcave,  the Joker’s Engine, the Joker’s track pack, and the Joker’s Lair. If you’d like more information on the whole Batman and arch enemies scene, see this article for even more details.

Toy Story 3 Set Also Found Here

Since there is only one GeoTrax set based on the movie Toy Story 3, I’ve included it at the bottom of this page. It just seemed a little silly to devote a whole page to just one set.

Scroll on down to find the Getaway Turbo set featuring three alien heads going for a ride in a pink car.

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With Batman, GeoTrax Draws Super Friends into Its World

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“Holy Batcave, Batman!”

I think that’s something that the Robin from the original TV series might have said to Batman upon seeing the batcave for the first time. If he never did, he should have because Batman’s Batcave is such an awesome place.

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