F-P Trio Sets on Display at GeoTraxPacks Too

Did you know that you can find another wonderful series of toys called Trio here at GeoTraxPacks?

Well, you can.

P6841 King's Castle
P6841 King’s Castle

I don’t have them all listed yet, but many of them have been here for quite a while, and I plan to finish out the inventory as soon as I can.

For now (click any of the following links), you can find Medieval sets like the King’s Castle shown above. You can also read about and see pictures of sets with animals, Batman, DC Super Friends, and Hot Wheels, as well as those with a farm theme and construction theme.

You can also get to the Trio sets by using the link in the menu above under Explore.

Coming Soon: Fisher Price Trio Building Toys

New Addition to GeoTrax Packs: Trio Building Sets

Trio Batcave

Trio Batcave

No, it's not GeoTrax, but I have an explanation for that.

I have a number of Fisher Price Trio sets that I want to tell you about as well as offer for sale. It didn't make sense to me to start a whole new website for them. They were made by the same company as GeoTrax, have since been discontinued, and are targeted at approximately the same age range as GeoTrax toys.

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