Find More GeoTrax at Ebay and Amazon

GeoTrax Packs has a fair number of GeoTrax sets and pieces, but you might not find exactly what you were looking for here. If the GeoTrax Packs inventory doesn’t match your wants, what should you do next?

I offer you 2 options: Gary’s (my) Ebay store, called Games From Gary, and Gary’s Amazon store.

Games From Gary at Ebay

I’m not sure why I called my Ebay store Games From Gary, but I think it was because, at the time, I was selling mostly games there. I still do have some games, books, and other items in the store, but I consider my main line of products to be GeoTrax.

There is relatively little overlap between what you see here at GeoTrax Packs and what you see at Games From Gary. So, if you can’t find what you need here, check my Ebay store next.

Games From Gary at Ebay

Gary’s Amazon Store Listings

When neither GeoTrax Packs nor Ebay have the set you really want, it’s time to check Amazon. I often save my best items for Amazon.

My Amazon “store” isn’t setup quite like my other stores. When you first visit Amazon (using the link below or in the menus), you’ll see a number of comments about previous sales I’ve made.

To see the products I have for sale, you’ll need to click the “Products” tab at the end of the line, as shown below.

Tabs on my Amazon page

When you click Products, you should see dozens of items I have for sale, the vast majority of which are GeoTrax.

If you have any problems getting to either of these stores, just let me know. I’ll help you get there one way or another.

Gary’s Amazon Store

How Many Ways Can You Use Curved Track?

Trains Go Left, Trains Go Right, Trains Go Round and Round

Curved pieces of track have a multitude of uses, more than you might at first expect. Sure, they take you around the corner, but they really do more than that.

You can use 4 curves to make a circle and have your train go around and around and around. Granted, that would get a little tiresome after a while, depending on your age. It might actually be something your 2-year-old would appreciate.

You can open up that circle and add curved track that waggles back and forth, left and right, for as much space as you have available and then bring it back together again at the far end with another half-circle.

Curved Rail Track

Curved Rail Track

With the addition of a single piece of cross track (something you probably already own), you can do a figure eight. If you have multiple cross tracks, you can string several eights (if you can still call them that) together in a row.

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How To Identify a GeoTrax Train Set

Finding the Product ID Is Key

Have you ever owned or found a GeoTrax set and wondered what it was called? Have you pondered how to identify the original name given by the designers when they created it?

That's a very possible, even probable, situation to be in because most GeoTrax sets are in used condition these days. There were discontinued by Fisher-Price back in 2011.

B1836 Engine

Which set do I belong to?

You may own a used set that you found at a yard sale, or a thrift store, or bought online.​ If it didn't come with its original packaging, there's no obvious way of telling what the name of the set it, just by looking at the pieces.

Fortunately, there is a way to identify the set precisely, if you know where to look.​ And that's what I'm going to describe for you here.

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