Coming Soon: Fisher Price Trio Building Toys

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New Addition to GeoTrax Packs: Trio Building Sets

Trio Batcave

Trio Batcave

No, it's not GeoTrax, but I have an explanation for that.

I have a number of Fisher Price Trio sets that I want to tell you about as well as offer for sale. It didn't make sense to me to start a whole new website for them. They were made by the same company as GeoTrax, have since been discontinued, and are targeted at approximately the same age range as GeoTrax toys.


I can get the Trio portion of the site "up and running" much more quickly by adding them to this GeoTrax site than by trying to set up a whole new site with all that that entails.

The features you currently see related to GeoTrax will all still be there. The only new items you'll probably notice will be a new menu item or two for the Trio sets.

I've Never Heard of Trio - What Is It?

I won't go into a detailed explanation in this post, but let me just say for now that Trio was, and is, a pretty cool line of construction​ toys that feature "bricks, sticks, and panels" - thus the Trio name.

I have discovered 78 different sets that were produced, and there may be more. (Every time I think I've found all the GeoTrax sets, another one pops up. So I won't be surprised if I find more Trio sets.)

The Trio sets tend to focus on medieval times and on the Batman franchise, but there are also more generic building sets as well.

You can start looking for Trio right now on Amazon and right here over the next few weeks.

Just above is that one affiliate link I mentioned at the top. When you click and buy, I'll get a little cash from Amazon.

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