Discover the Fisher Price GeoTrax Farm and Other Animal Sets

See the Animals on the Farm, in the Zoo, and More

It’s a little sad that Fisher Price didn’t include more animals in their GeoTrax world. The Fisher Price farm, zoo, ranch, and a couple of other sets are the only ones in which you can find true miniature animal figures.

That said, I can understand why there aren’t more animals in GeoTrax sets. Animals and trains don’t normally go together. Trains are used to transport cargo which rarely includes animals, unless you count frozen meat. Even then, there’s probably not that much because it requires refrigerated cars.

Bucking bronco in the corral
Bucking bronco in the corral

If you’re looking to add animals to your GeoTrax collection though, there are sets you can get that will satisfy your desires. Here are the half a dozen sets with animals.

  • L3136 Rope 'n Ride Ranch - bucking bronco and a horse
  • M4142 Gritty with Farmer Earl - pig
  • N4799 - On the Go Zoo - elephant and lion
  • P8968 Dusty Bones and Dwight - saber tooth tiger (and dinosaur skeleton)
  • T2750 Toy Story 3 Exploding Bridge - Bullseye (Woody's horse)
  • W9964 Penguin's Lair - 2 penguins (other than the villain)

Let’s take a quick look at each of these sets.

GeoTrax Sets with True Animals Are Few

The earliest set in which you get an animal minifig is the Rope ‘n Ride Ranch (Fisher Price product ID L3136, released in 2007). Besides the bucking bronco inside the corral, you can play with a saddled horse. Note that this set was re-released without the horse in 2009.

The train and engineer pair in this set are Old Rust and Tex, the Oldest Team. There is also a stable where you would bed the animals.

Gritty and Farmer Earl (M4142), the Dirtiest Team, provide a pig to play with. The tractor (Gritty) pulls a wagon that can hold the hay bale.

If any set should include animals, it would be the On the Go Zoo (N4799), right? Of course, it does, but there are only two in this zoo – an elephant and a lion. You also get Spots, the engine, and Leo, the zookeeper. With names like those, you’d think they were animals too. It seems the designers spent more time turning the zoo into a nice carrying case than in creating animals to be carried inside it.

Dinosaur skeleton looks a bit scary
Dinosaur skeleton looks a bit scary

An unusual set, Dusty Bones and Dwight (P8968), features two extinct animals. One is a saber tooth tiger, and the other is apparently the skeleton of a dinosaur. The only other items in this set are two cargo cars and a cargo crate.

In the Toy Story 3 Exploding Bridge set (T2750), you will find an animated character, Bullseye. Woody’s horse may not be the highlight on this set, but he still qualifies as an animal minifig. As the set name suggests, the real reason you’d get this set is for the excitement of having an exploding bridge. It really does seem to explode, tossing anything on it every which way.

Besides the bridge and Bullseye, you get several pieces of track, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and a remote controlled train in this set. An interesting, thematic feature here is the guardrails which are green and look like cacti.

One of the last GeoTrax sets ever produced was the Penguin’s Lair. In addition to the lair itself, a pair of boulders (presumably there for doing in the Dynamic Duo), and the villainous Penguin, you actually get two animal penguins too.

Marginal Animal Sets Only Count As a Stretch

There are a handful of other sets that you could say have animals, if you really want to stretch it. None of them have miniature animal figures like those above.

One of these is the Railside Farm Co. (B4341) which has a rooster as part of the weather vane on top of the barn. Being a set with a barn, you’d think other animals would be included, but you’d be wrong.

The Portside Fishing Pier (G5545) has fish and possibly other sea creatures caught in a net.

A lobster but only a decal
A lobster but only a decal

On the side of the Oceanside Flier (G5546), there is a picture of a lobster. Maybe there are more in the crate, if you use your imagination.

Two more are really stretches.

Bull and Bruno (L4799) and Ox and Jed (L5907) have animals in their names.

Finally, you could also say that every deciduous tree contains an animal because on one side of each you can see an owl poking his head through the leaves.

So there you have an exhaustive list of sets with animals from the farm, the ranch, the zoo, and elsewhere. I didn’t mention sets that were re-released or combination sets that may include some of the basic sets above. If you include those, then there are just a few more that would add animals to your collection.

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