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There Is More to GeoTrax Than You Probably Know


Whether you have just discovered GeoTrax or whether you already own a few GeoTrax sets, if you spend a little time here at GeoTrax Packs, you will soon see that there are literally hundreds of sets available.

You just have to know where to look, and sometimes you have to be a little patient because some are more readily available than others.

The Beginnings of GeoTrax

Fisher-Price introduced GeoTrax for pre-schoolers in 2003 and produced many sets in the decade that followed.

All of these sets have now been discontinued, but you can still find some in their original boxes at various online sites. And since the pieces themselves are virtually indestructible, many people resell them once their children outgrow them.

Resources at GeoTrax Packs

GeoTrax Packs intends to be your one-stop source for GeoTrax sets and pieces. You can print a master checklist here that itemizes every set I have been able to identify.

On the rest of site itself you will find additional information about each set along with links to possible sources, such as UniSquare and Amazon, for purchasing them. There is a store right here too, which has very reasonable prices and special deals from time to time, especially for GeoTrax Packs Insiders.

In case you haven’t found the store yet, just click some of the links in the right hand column of most any page to get there.

I hope you enjoy browsing this site and learning what the world of GeoTrax has to offer your child. Let me know if I can be of assistance in your search.

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