GeoTrax Airplanes, Jets, and Helicopters Take to the Skies

GeoTrax in the Air from Year One

Early on in 2003 and 2004, Fisher Price made the decision to create vehicles that flew in addition to those that rode the rails and the roads. There were a GeoTrax airplanes, a helicopter, and an airport in production in the first two years that GeoTrax were introduced.

B4347 Whirly Bird Rescue set
Whirly Bird Rescue set

The first of these was not an airplane, however. It was the Whirly Bird Rescue helicopter (Fisher Price product ID B4347). This is a simple set consisting of the helicopter, a landing pad, and a hospital sign.

There is some crossover here between air sets, sea sets, and rescue sets. The Whirly Bird is intended to be a rescue vehicle. I suppose this is much like “flight for life” helicopters in real life. This explains the inclusion of the hospital sign in this set.

The second set featuring an air vehicle is Seaplane Fueling (G5544). Again there is set-type crossover – this time between air and sea. This set has an airplane that can land on the water. There is also a fueling station and a “cube” of barrels that presumably contains fuel that the seaplane will carry to its destination.

Finally, we get to the first GeoTrax airport, the Coastal Winds Airport (G5760). This set is the first to have a real airplane (as opposed to a seaplane). You can carry cargo in this plane and attach it to an arm of the airport to make it fly in circles.

This was a rather ambitious undertaking for the GeoTrax designers. How do you get an airplane to fly without making a real RC airplane that can go all around the room? The rotating arm was their solution. How well it solved the problem, I leave to your opinion. In my opinion, their later efforts (see below) achieved a greater degree of success.

Choppers Here, Choppers There, Choppers Everywhere

There are no less than 5 GeoTrax sets that include helicopters. They are the Whirly Bird Rescue set (mentioned above), the Coastal Rescue Chopper set (H6373), Swifty and Kevin the Most Ready Team (M4098), Chopper and Aiden the Rescue Team (P8967), and Bridge and Helicopter (R9938).

H6373 Coastal Rescue Chopper set
H6373 Coastal Rescue Chopper set

Fisher Price apparently associates choppers with rescue efforts. The Coastal Rescue Chopper has a different design than the Whirly Bird. It also has a landing pad, but a helicopter sign replaces the hospital sign.

Swifty and Kevin and Chopper and Aiden make up two of the many team sets. Both have a helicopter, pilot minifig, and a patient lift. The Chopper and Aiden set also has another miniature figure and a hospital sign similar to the one in the Whirly Bird set.

The Bridge and Helicopter set contains the suspension bridge found in other sets but in different colors. The helicopter is a new design here though. There is a pilot minifig as well as a patient like the one found in an ambulance set. The helicopter sign and patient lift also appear in this set.

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Two GeoTrax sets give you speedy jet planes: Red Wing Jet Plane (J0225) and Flash the Jet and Dan the Pilot (N1251).

The Red Wing jet plane can carry cargo. The set includes a hangar. The walls and roof of this structure are made of sturdy fabric.

Flash the Jet is a remote controlled vehicle. Dan the Pilot is the only other item you get in this set. As far as I know, this pair is not one of the team sets and has no superlative name attached to them.

GeoAir Is a Subset of GeoTrax

Fisher Price decided to designate some of their air sets as GeoAir, as opposed to GeoTrax. This went hand in hand with their new design mechanism for making planes fly in a controlled space. GeoAir track is thinner and more flexible than road or rail track. You can bend it to create loops and attach some airplane to it that you can control remotely.

Several sets use this technology: High Flying Airport (N0142), Blast-Through Barn (N1450), and Fly-By Bridge (N1451).

Three other sets include one or more of these sets. High-Flyin’ Deluxe Airport (N3985) has the N0142 airport plus some ground track, a train engine, a crane, Jumbo (which may be another plane), and Captain Jim. High-Flyin’ Airport and Vehicles (N9989) also includes the N0142 airport and an emergency vehicle, some road track, and several minifigs. Finally, the GeoAir Mega Set encompasses all three of the original sets: airport, barn, and bridge.

What’s in a Name? Ask Loopy Loco

Last but not least is Loopy Loco the Bi-Plane and Darren the Pilot (N1250). This is another simple set just made of a plane, a minifig, and a remote control.

You can clip Loopy Loco the Bi-Plane onto GeoAir track and make him fly around the loops with your remote controller.

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