GeoTrax Are a Great Gift Idea for Youngsters

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Where Do You Shop for Gifts for Young Children?

J0225 Red Wing Jet Plane
J0225 Red Wing Jet Plane

If you believe the statistics, more and more people every year shop online, especially in the months just before Christmas. These levels are probably trending upward year-round because people (perhaps like you) shop online for birthday gifts and other reasons as well.

Two of the largest sites for shopping (at least, in the United States) are Amazon and eBay. You can find just about anything you might want between those two websites, and the prices are probably some of the best you’ll find. So when it comes to shopping for gift ideas, like GeoTrax, for young children too, you’ll likely head to those places sooner or later.

What Are Good Gift Ideas for the Young Ones?

C1857 Cross Valley Junction
Cross Valley Junction

Since this site concentrates on GeoTrax, I am obviously going to suggest that GeoTrax sets make good gifts for children, especially those who are 2 years old through about 7 years old. (Truth be told, even adults have been known to enjoy them too.)

That said, I would particularly recommend GeoTrax sets as gift ideas for 3 year old boys as well as 3 year old girls.

Why 3 year olds?

Many of the sets that Fisher Price produced in the GeoTrax world are just a shade too complicated or involved for 2 year olds. That one additional year of growth makes a lot of difference, as any parent who has had children of these ages will tell you.

There are some sets that would be attractive to 2 year olds, but I think virtually all of them would work well for 3 year olds. That opens up a wide range of choices when you are the one doing the shopping for such a child. At that point, you can get any of the starter sets. If the child already has one of those, you can get any of the expansion sets too.

Which GeoTrax Set Should I Shop For?

Timbertown up close

As I have mentioned elsewhere, one of my personal favorites is the Timbertown Railway. It’s a starter set that features an old-time steam engine known as Steamer. Its engineer is an old-timer too named Samuel.

If the child you are shopping for simply likes trains in general, this would make a great gift for a birthday or Christmas.

Maybe the child has already acquired an affinity for the Disney Pixar Cars characters. If so, there are several sets you can look at that are related to those movies. You can get Lightning McQueen, Holley Shiftwell, Doc Hudson, and more.

If the child is familiar with Batman, again you have several options. There is a set featuring the batcave which is quite popular.

If you don’t mind bringing the villains into the picture, you can add the Penguin, the Joker, or the Riddler to the collection.

There are other thematic sets you can consider. Many of the GeoTrax sets are construction sets; that is, they include machinery that would be used at a construction site. You can find a bulldozer, a wrecking ball, a dump truck, and a cement mixer.

Some children are enthralled with rescue vehicles and the people that use them. If that’s the case with the child you are involved with, check out the ambulance, one of several fire trucks, a fire station, or a rescue helicopter.

Mentioning the helicopter brings to mind the air and sea sets. You can look into any of the GeoAir sets for your 3 year old. There are a handful of airplanes and choppers. There are some sets with ships – tugboats, fishing vessels, yachts.

The Track Pack Option

Another option you might consider, especially if this isn’t the first set for the child, is one of the track packs. These don’t have any vehicles but are instead intended to increase track layout possibilities.

Track packs mostly come in three flavors: road, rail, and elevation. A road track pack contains mostly gray track pieces and may have other accessories such as trees, traffic signals, and other road signs.

A rail track pack will have mainly tan rail track pieces and items like railroad crossing signs, trees, and more. Some have only tracks though.

An elevation track pack includes long, green ramps that can be screwed together and gray, three-piece supports for getting vehicles off ground level. Elevation tracks (which can also be rail tracks) have a gear-catcher down the middle that helps trains and other remote controlled vehicles make it up the ramps. Elevation track packs also comes with guardrails for the curved pieces to prevent vehicles from falling off, especially when they’re up in the air.

Add a Train Table to Your Scene

There is one GeoTrax set (that happened to be a Toys R Us exclusive) that includes three train tables. They are normally connected together so you can place a larger track layout on them. this set itself comes with 19 pieces of track. I think they would fill the tables by themselves, but you could always add more if you include some elevation track on a second level.

Try Shopping at the GeoTrax Packs Store

Many of the items mentioned above are often available right here in the GeoTrax Packs store. While the selection may not be as wide as what you can usually find on Amazon, the prices should make you smile. I try to keep them lower than what you would pay elsewhere.

You can normally find both starter sets – those larger sets that have enough pieces to stand on their own merits – and expansion sets that have just a few pieces to add to your collection.

You can use the links in the right hand column of virtually any page on this site to get to the items in the store.

I hope you find what you’re looking for and something you, or the youngster you’re buying for, will enjoy.

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