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Now that you have all these cool trains and fire engines and cars and buildings and signs and track and more, you’re starting to wonder about novel ways to put it all together.

It’s really the track pieces that make all the difference. How many different ways can you put the same pieces together?

Below are a few ideas to get you started. You can also get dozens more in my Layouts Catalog.

Small GeoTrax Layouts

The first group below shows some basic GeoTrax layouts that you can make with just a few track pieces. Wherever possible, I used different colors of track so you could more easily see how it’s put together.

Many buildings have a stretch of track that is the same length as a normal straight track. Wherever you see a straight piece of track (not a short piece) in a layout, you might be able to replace it with a building that has such a built-in piece of track. The only restriction would be that there has to be enough space next to the track for the building itself.

Note that the one isn’t that great of a layout. Once your train turns off the outer track, there’s no way to ever use that middle section again!

Larger Track Layouts

The second group below shows some larger GeoTrax layouts. You might need to pick up a few special pieces, notably the double Y-track (aka T-track), to create some of these. One place to get the double Y track is in the City Track Pack.

All the layouts to this point are flat; that is, I haven’t used any elevation ramps and supports to have one section of track cross over the top of another.

User Layouts

Below are layouts contributed by GeoTrax Insiders. If you would like to add your own here, you can become an Insider (see right-hand sidebar for signing up) and send your pictures to me for anonymous publication.

Many owners have also posted their ideas in our public Facebook group. Check it out and join today.

Where Can I Get More of These Layout Ideas?

I have created a catalog of over 2 dozen layouts that you can find in the GeoTrax Packs store.

Get your catalog now!

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