GeoTrax Packs Community Facebook Group Open for You!

I recently started a public Facebook group for GeoTrax owners and gift givers. This means you parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who love giving GeoTrax to the youngsters you love.

You can join the group (for free, of course) as long as you have a Facebook account or are willing to create one by going here…

GeoTrax Packs Community

If you don’t actually have such little people in your life and just like playing with GeoTrax yourself, that’s okay too. I understand.

There are a few members in the group already. I’m sure they would love to have you join them.

Topics you post about or respond to can be anything and everything related to GeoTrax. If the conversation wanders a little bit from GeoTrax, that’s okay too.

Come to the group and request to be added today. I won’t turn you away.

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Author: Gary Sonnenberg

Gary is really just a big (old) kid who still likes playing with toys and games. GeoTrax are just one of the toys he knows inside and out.