GeoTrax Pieces Available

GeoTrax Packs Store

The GeoTrax Packs store (see the menu on the right) allows you to purchase complete, or nearly complete, sets at a price lower than what I can offer at a site like Amazon. This is possible because there’s no one who needs to collect fees for each sale.

At this time, I can only conduct sales within the United States and only to those who have (or are willing to create) a PayPal account.

All transactions are as secure as possible, just as they would be on any other product site. Any information you are required to provide in order to make a purchase will only be used for such purchases, never for any other reasons.

If you make your purchase early enough in the morning, I’ll likely ship it that same day. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, I’ll ship the next business day. I usually use USPS Priority mail.

If you encounter any problems while trying to make a purchase, please contact me right away.