GeoTrax Starter Sets for Beginners

The sets listed below would make good GeoTrax starter sets for those just getting into GeoTrax because they contain at least a vehicle and a fair amount of track to play with.

B1836 Tracktown Railway
B1836 Tracktown Railway

Many of them, including the initial Tracktown Railway, come with a remote controller. Fisher Price frequently includes smaller accessories, such as signs, trees, and cargo cubes, in these sets.

As you might expect, Fisher Price produced many of its major; that is, what I like to call starter, train sets early on in 2003 and 2004. After all, what good would a train be without all the trappings – pieces of track, buildings, signs, and so on?

Later on, some of the smaller, expansion sets were released that added to the Geotrax world in ways that were fitting and enjoyable for children. Expansion sets are those you’d want to add to a starter set. Your child can’t do very much with an expansion that just contains a train engine, a car, or a bulldozer and perhaps a remote controller. You need several pieces of track to run the vehicle on at a bare minimum.

Eventually, Fisher Price saw fit to essentially re-release many of their earlier sets, often with slight variations in number of pieces, or color of components, or functionality of certain items. Sometimes you’ll notice that a mold was reused for a completely unexpected effect. My favorite instance of this is the Beamtown Fire Station being recast as the Riddler’s Joke Factory!

Here then is a list of these starter sets and a brief description of (most of) what you can expect to get in a complete set. Any mention of track below includes pieces like bridges that a vehicle can run on. Buildings are structures of all types – even mountains and tunnels. Minifigs are miniature figures; that is, people, who often serve as engineers for the trains or drivers for the other vehicles.

GeoTrax Starter Sets Infographic

Click the name of a set below for more details and pictures. Also check Amazon for the pricing and availability of these GeoTrax sets.