GeoTrax Videos, or How GeoTrax Sets Work

For some reason, YouTube took down Playlists 2 and 3. Sorry about that.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but videos are worth…at least a few more.

Below are playlists of videos I have taken that show most of the moving parts of various GeoTrax sets with which I have come in contact. It’s not always obvious from looking at a still photograph what fun you can have with each of the pieces in a set. Hopefully these videos will make that clearer to you.

To see a particular video (and those that follow it), click the Playlist selection area in the top left corner of the video screen and choose the video you want to see from the dropdown list.

These are not professional quality videos, but you should still be able to get a good idea of what fun you and your children can have with your GeoTrax trains. Below each playlist I have included a few notes about each set shown in the videos.

GeoTrax Playlist #1

Notes on Videos in the First GeoTrax Sets Playlist

B1836 Tracktown Railway

I didn’t have the three yellow pipes that accompany a complete set. They are quite commonly missing. I believe this is because they don’t really stand out as GeoTrax pieces.

I used the three red pipes, which are the same size, from the Cross Valley Junction set (see below) instead. They worked just as well as the originals.

B3007 Mt. Blast Construction Co.

You will often be able to get the coal (boulder) to drop and roll all the way through to the front of the mountain when releasing it from the crane. It just so happened that I had to coax it through in the video, and I didn’t want to re-record the whole thing.

B3253 Fast Response Rescue Co.

You can pull the hose on the tanker car out and pretend to fill up or spray something.

I added sound effects to this (and other) videos. The fire station door doesn’t really creak like that.

B4335 Crosstown Express Lines

Since this is one of the earliest GeoTrax sets, you need to insert the remote controller into the Depot that comes with Tracktown Railway to get the full audio effect. The remote controller only plays its horn, chugging, and air brake sounds through the speakers in the Depot.

I used a few (not all) track and bridge pieces from the B4338 Rail Track Pack for the train to ride on.

B4340 Load ’em Up Gravel Co.

At first glance, this set doesn’t look very exciting. But, as you can see in the video, when the truck passes under the plunger and you push it down, the cargo bed flips over to become a load of dirt. Then, when you drive into the building, it mysteriously unloads itself and flips back to an empty truck bed.

GeoTrax Playlist #2

Notes on Videos in the GeoTrax Sets 2 Playlist

B4347 Whirly Bird Rescue

The spinner on the landing pad and on the helicopter turns both directions – clockwise and counterclockwise.

B4348 Big Falls Wrecking

The video shows one way you can use the wrecking ball. I’m sure you’ll find other things to wreck. I’m not real sure what the gray side pieces that fold down are for.

B5294 Mix ‘n Go Work Crew

This is another set that requires the Depot from B1836 Tracktown Railway in order to hear the horn, truck, and air brake sounds.

B5295 Rapid Rescue Fire Squad

This is yet another set that needs the Tracktown Railway Depot for audio.

If you look closely at the video, you’ll notice that the track is a combination of road (like gravel) and street (paved) pieces. This just shows that these track pieces all work together.

C1857 Cross Valley Junction

The Pipe Works that is part of Cross Valley Junction is the same one as found in Tracktown Railway but in different colors. You can have the pipes shoot out from the back side of the building as well.

GeoTrax Playlist #3

Notes on Videos in the GeoTrax Sets 3 Playlist

C5218 High Chimes Clock Tower

You get a lot of sounds from this tower. However, you only get the tower itself and the cross track within the building. The green ramps are from an Elevation Track Pack, and the tan rail tracks come in many different sets. The truck is from the Grand Central Station with Bonus set.

You can remove the lower section of the tower (the part below the green track), if you like, but I think it’s more fun to keep it attached.

C6442 Highland Scenic Lines

Once again, to hear the sounds from this train, you need the Depot from Tracktown Railway.

The curved elevation tracks shown in my video don’t come with this set. I just used them to keep the train visible. The tracks you do get are shown off to the left – one straight elevation track and 2 on/off ramps.

Mini Sets C6852 – C6858

The third video in this playlist shows 6 mini sets that don’t do a whole lot on their own but can be lots of fun just the same. This group includes the following.

  • C6852 Steamline Station
  • C6853 Higview Tours
  • C6854 Fork Lift Freight
  • C6856 Search Light Rescue
  • C6857 Pile High Plowing
  • C6858 Deep Digs Crew

C6994 Mile High Mountain

The layout shown in the video is only one possibility. The gray piece at the bottom of the mountain is really only there to stop the cube as it falls. This piece is sometimes missing, but as you can see, it’s really not that important.

G4695 Conductor’s Crossing

The layout in the video for Conductor’s Crossing is one of several possibilities. Not all of them will use all of the track pieces that you get.

The fossil rocks rest rather precariously on top of the tunnel, which is why I didn’t set them up there at the very beginning of the video.

GeoTrax Playlist #4

Notes on Videos in the GeoTrax Sets 4 Playlist

G4880 Bayshore Drawbridge, G4881 Harbor Docks Lighthouse, and H8101 Oceanside Flier

The first video in this playlist shows 3 sets. I had to use the 2nd release of Oceanside Flier (H8101) because I didn’t have a copy of the first release (G5546) on hand. The main difference is that I didn’t have to slot the remote into the Tracktown Depot; it stands on its own.

So that the train could run properly, I added 3 curved and 3 straight pieces of track to the layout.