Get ’em While They’re Low: Prices Could Go Up in November (2019)

As you may be aware, besides having a store here at GeoTrax Packs, I also have many GeoTrax (and other) items for sale at Amazon.

Update: I no longer sell on Amazon, only here and on Ebay.

L3133 Grand Central Station
L3133 Grand Central Station

In case you do some of your Christmas shopping for GeoTrax at Amazon, I thought it only fair to let you know that, come November, many of the prices for GeoTrax that I have listed there will be revised in an upward direction.

In other words, prices will very likely go up.

It’s a simple case of supply and demand. Shoppers, such as yourself, tend to make more purchases as Christmas nears. My supply of GeoTrax sets goes down, so prices rise until I can replenish that supply.

So what I’m suggesting is that, if you want to get in on better prices for GeoTrax Christmas presents, now is the time to do your shopping at Amazon. I currently have the lowest price of any GeoTrax sellers at Amazon for many popular sets, especially the smaller remote controlled trains.

Not that you shouldn’t also browse the store here on this site. Many times prices are even lower here because there are no additional fees to worry about at my end.

That said, there are some items I only have one of, so I tend to list them at Amazon which has a wider audience, despite my efforts to make this site as popular as theirs.

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