How To Get Started with GeoTrax Trains

Where Did All the GeoTrax Sets Go?

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Opie is confused. Are you?
Opie is confused. Are you?

Did you miss out on the opportunity to purchase GeoTrax sets in the store when Fisher Price first released them?

I did.

GeoTrax sets were produced from 2003 through 2011. My children were in their teens in 2003, so we had no interest in looking at toys made for preschoolers. We were checking out video games instead. (Sound familiar?)

You may have been in a similar situation. Or you may not have had any children yet. Or, for whatever reason, you simply weren’t aware of the existence of GeoTrax sets wherever Fisher Price sold them.

But now you know about them and either have children or grandchildren who would have a ton of fun with them and want to get started in this wonderful world of GeoTrax. (By the way, truth be told, most adults like playing with them too.)

Sadly, you can’t run down to your local Toys R Us, Kohl’s, or Sam’s Club to browse the aisles looking for a good GeoTrax set to pick up for Christmas, a birthday, or other special occasion. You can’t even go online to get them at Fisher Price’s website.

Where Can I Find GeoTrax Today?

The only places (to my knowledge) that you can get them today are at online sites like here at GeoTrax Packs (see the store links at the right), Amazon, eBay, Facebook Market, and – if you’re lucky – Craigslist.

These aren’t the only sites that carry them, but they are among the most popular. In addition, you may see some at a rummage / yard / garage sale once in a great while.

Where you end up buying any of these sets will largely depend on where sellers are offering them. If you get lucky on Craigslist or at a yard sale, go for it.

I’m biased, but the next place I think you should look is right here on this site. The prices will probably be lower than those on a site like Amazon because I don’t have to pay any fees. Shipping is always free here as well.

Then I would look at eBay where GeoTrax prices are generally lower than those on Amazon.

If you can only find the set you want on Amazon, then get it there. It may seem expensive, but I think prices are only likely to increase over time as demand increases and supply dwindles.

Which Set Should I Buy First?

B1836 Train Engine
B1836 Train Engine

There are over 200 GeoTrax sets from which to choose. Where do you start? What set or sets should you get first?

You need some way to narrow down your choices. Obviously, supply will somewhat temper your demand, but only a little. Most of the sets are available in one place or another at one time or another.

One point to take into consideration is that not all GeoTrax sets are made equal; that is, some of them make much better initial purchases than others. I like to call these starter sets. I know of only one set that Fisher Price actually designated as a starter set, but there are several that fit the bill.

By my definition, a starter set includes one or more vehicles (with or without a remote controller), one or more buildings or structures, and enough pieces of track to make things interesting.

Beyond that, it doesn’t matter which set or sets you decide to buy because all of them are fun to play with, and they all work together with each other. Kudos to Fisher Price for maintaining compatibility throughout the 9-year lifetime of the GeoTrax series.

Another aspect of these toys that is important to understand is that they are virtually indestructible. Someone would really have to work hard to break one of these pieces. A set first released in 2003 is almost certainly in an overall condition similar to what it was way back then. True, it may show a few signs of wear such as scuffing, tiny dings, or stains, but these are either practically unnoticeable or fixable.

Many of the trains and buildings use batteries. I have only found a few that didn’t work with a fresh power source. Even toys that have had corroded batteries can still work. That’s quality workmanship.

If you have a train that light up but won’t run, check out this process before you throw it away or purchase a new one.

Which Is the Best Train Set to Start With?

That’s a difficult question to answer. I can’t name one set that tops them all. All of them have something good to be said about them. The choice will ultimately be yours and/or your child’s or grandchild’s.

That said, there are several sets that make good first purchases. Timbertown Railway is one of my favorites. Here is the link to those that I do recommend: GeoTrax Starter Sets.

What GeoTrax Are You Looking For?

Is there some specific GeoTrax item that you’re looking to purchase but just can’t find anywhere? If so, let me know what it is, and I’ll help you find it. If you can give me a good description of the part or set, the product ID (best), or both, that would help greatly in the search.

I hope you enjoy looking for your first GeoTrax set. Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you in your search.

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