How To Identify a GeoTrax Train Set

Finding the Product ID Is Key

Have you ever owned or found a GeoTrax set and wondered what it was called? Have you pondered how to identify the original name given by the designers when they created it?

That’s a very possible, even probable, situation to be in because most GeoTrax sets are in used condition these days. There were discontinued by Fisher-Price back in 2011.

B1836 Engine
Which set do I belong to?

You may own a used set that you found at a yard sale, or a thrift store, or bought online.​ If it didn’t come with its original packaging, there’s no obvious way of telling what the name of the set it, just by looking at the pieces.

Fortunately, there is a way to identify the set precisely, if you know where to look.​ And that’s what I’m going to describe for you here.

Where Do I Find the GeoTrax Product ID?

​With the exception of the track sets, every GeoTrax set has a 5-character ID. The location of this ID varies depending on the type of set.

If the set has an engine or other type of “lead” (rhymes with “feed”) vehicle, then you should be able to find the ID on the underside of that vehicle.​

If there is no such vehicle, in which case the main feature of the set if probably a building or other large structure, then look for the ID underneath that main structure.

What Does a GeoTrax Product ID Look Like?

Each product ID is made of 5 characters which consists of an initial (upper case) letter​ followed by 4 numbers.

Many GeoTrax pieces also include a string of characters that end in “CK”. I’m not sure what those characters are for, but they are not the product ID.

The product ID is stamped in rather small type – small enough that grandparents like me often need a magnifying glass to read it, especially if the lighting in the room is low.​

The range of IDs spans from B1836 for the first Tracktown Railway set released in 2003 through X3413 for the Cars 2 World Grand Prix Gift Set of 2011 (as far as I know).​ Not every possible letter-number combination in between was used for GeoTrax sets. There are a few consecutive runs, but usually there are large gaps from one ID to the next.

What If There’s More Than One ID?

There are several instances where the designers to an existing vehicle or building and repurposed it in a new set.

Often the “new” piece was painted in different colors, and the set includes different pieces than the original.

For this reason, there are times when an engine or building ​shows more than one product ID on its bottom. IDs are usually separated by slashes.

You would think that the latest ID alphabetically would be the one that applies to the set, but I have found that this isn’t always the case. In almost every instance, it will be one of the IDs shown though.​

If you find more than one ID, you’ll just have to look a little longer to find which one applies to the set in hand. Don’t worry; it’s not difficult.​

Let’s take a look at several train engines and buildings to find their IDs and then see what you can do with them once you’ve found them on your own GeoTrax pieces.​

This first one is a little hard to make out in this picture, but the top line shows B1836. It’s the bottom side of the Tracktown Railway engine shown above. Note also the “CK” number in larger print along the bottom. Again, this is not the product ID.

B1836 ID
Product ID = B1836

The ID on the brown structure below is much easier to see. B3007 refers to the second set of GeoTrax toys produced, Mt. Blast Construction Co. As mentioned earlier, you can see how there is a large gap between GeoTrax IDs here. Fisher-Price must have made many other toys between B1836 and B3007 that were not GeoTrax sets.

B3007 ID
Product ID = B3007

Next is an example of a building that looks like it was produced more than once. This is, as you’d expect, set R9359 which is the Windmill. The Windmill came with a minifig known as Big Rob and a yellow cargo crate.

Set H3464 is the Workin’ Town Railway, one of the starter sets that included the windmill and many more pieces.​

R9359 ID
Product ID = R9359

Finally we have one of the later sets from the Disney movie Cars 2. Set V9959 includes this push car (as opposed to a remote controlled engine) called Max Schnell. You can also see that it was produced in 2010 and includes the Disney/Pixar credits.

V9959 ID
Product ID = V9959

What Do I Do After I’ve Found the Product ID?

​Now that you know how to identify a GeoTrax set and have the product ID, what next?

You have several options. You can…

  • compare the ID to my checklist or Compendium to find the name of the set.​
  • enter the ID into the search box (top right, next to menus) on this site and see what results you get from a search.
  • send me a note asking about the ID.

One way or another, you’ll soon know the true identity of that GeoTrax set. As a side benefit, you’ll probably also be able to tell whether any pieces are missing from it.

By the way, if you think you’ve found a set that isn’t listed anywhere here at GeoTrax Packs, please tell me about it right away. I want this site to be as complete and helpful as possible.​

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