Large Sets to Leave GeoTrax Packs Store: UPDATED (and Reversed)

UPDATE: Many of the sets below are now back in the GeoTrax Packs store. Yay!

Some of you have probably seen that I have many larger sets for sale in the GeoTrax Packs store.

Many of these are one-of-a-kind within my inventory.

I have removed virtually all of these sets from the store as of Friday (11/4/16).

I moved them to places like Amazon and eBay which (as much as I hate to admit it) get more visitors than I do here at GeoTrax Packs.

GeoTrax sets at Amazon sell for a fair amount more than I need to sell them for at GeoTrax Packs, due to additional fees and shipping costs. Unfortunately for you, that means prices will be higher.

The sets listed below are pretty much the ones that have gone away.

GeoTrax Sets on Their Way Out

Be sure to read the full description of each set.

Tracktown Railway B1836

Mt. Blast B3007

Cross Valley Junction C1857

Mile High Mountain #1 C6994

Conductor’s Crossing G4695

Harbor Docks Lighthouse G4881

Coastal Winds Airport G5760

Construction Pack #2 H1639

Workin’ Town Railway H3464

Crankin’ Round Crane #1 H4648

Liftin’ Roll Barrel Loader H4833

All About Trains H9448

Rocky Falls Tunnel #1 J2527

Beamtown Fire Station #1 J8991

Big City Lights Center K0400

Lift ‘n Load Quarry #1 K7113

Grand Central Station L3133

Chop ‘n Haul Sawmill L3135

Lift ‘n Load Quarry #2 L5888

Crankin’ Round Crane #2 L5891

Beamtown Fire Station #2 L5896

Knight & Sir John L5912

Grand Central Station with Bonus M3235

Grand Central Station with Fire Truck Bonus M4686

Vehicle Gift Set M6459

Flash the Jet N1251

Blast-Through Barn N1450

On-the-Go Zoo N4799

Mile High Mountain #2 N8257

Construction Site N8345

Timbertown Railway P1370

Track Pack with Sarge P8460

Rope ‘n Ride Ranch #2 P9697

Sheriff’s Lookout Mountain R2771

Holiday Train Set #1 R8248

Holiday Train Set #2 R8249

Windmill R9359

Lift ‘n Load Construction Co. R8638

Rocky Falls Tunnel #3 T0831

Dinoco Lightning McQueen T6206

Chick Hicks T7158

Toy Story 3 Aliens Getaway Turbo T7161

Cars 2 World Grand Prix V9969

Big Bentley RC Set W6116

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