Conductor’s Crossing G4695


Conductor’s Crossing partial set. See full description. No original packaging.

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This Conductor’s Crossing set is missing the gray tunnel and related fossil rocks. It is also missing one of the long curved tracks, even though all these things are pictured.

The decorative lamp posts on the station are bent.

There is no original packaging.

You get these pieces.

  • Engine (push)
  • Passenger Car
  • Freight Car
  • Station with Clock and Conductor
  • 1 Large Curved Rail Track
  • 4 Curved Rail Tracks
  • 4 Straight Rail Tracks
  • Deciduous Tree
  • Overhead Crossing Gate
  • Cross Track
  • 2 On/Off Ramps (Road style)
  • Station with clock and conductor
  • Cargo Cart (part of the Station)
  • Billboard
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