Satisfy Your Need for Speed with Trio Hot Wheels

Note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Trio teamed up with Hot Wheels to give us 9 sets for those who love to move fast. And what kid doesn't love speedy cars?

There are 2 main sets in the lot, plus several smaller ones that add cars and drivers to your collection.

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​Zoom Down the Stunt Ramp

V9539 Stunt Ramp set

V9539 Stunt Ramp set

​The Trio Stunt Ramp Builder set (V9539) is a large set with several non-typical Trio pieces, such as the ramp itself. The bright orange ramp is wide so it can handle the related Hot Wheels cars, which are much bigger than what you normally think of for Hot Wheels.

You get the one green car (and a driver), as shown at the top of the ramp, with the basic set. Several other cars are available separately as you'll see below.

​All the bits you get for your Stunt Ramp are listed below.

  • ​10 Blue size 1 bricks
  • 12 Blue size 2 bricks

  • 10 Blue size 4 bricks

  • 8 Blue size 5 bricks

  • 2 Checkered flags - 1 red, 1 green (or 2 green?)

  • 1 Blue and orange racing man

  • 3 Red orange barrels

  • 2 Sets of wheels with axle bricks (6 pieces total)

  • 1 Light green racing car body

  • 1 Light green barrier

  • 1 Black and red flame emblem

  • 1 Gray ramp

  • 2 Gray size 5 straight sticks

  • 13 Gray size 6 straight sticks

  • 1 Black roof panel

  • 6 Gray large panels

  • 2 Gray small panels with colored stickers

  • 10 Gray curved sticks

  • 1 Orange curved track

  • 1 Orange bent ramp track

  • 2 Orange straight ramp tracks

  • 1 Orange ramp end track

  • 1 Orange Hot Wheels sign

  • 1 Orange ramp base

  • 1 Instruction booklet

​Service Your Hot Wheels in the Lift 'n Go Garage

​With the Trio Lift 'n Go Garage set (V9540), you can really use some imagination. You get to be the mechanic to service your new purple car (and others) with the air wrench and any other tools you have.

Get that red-clothed driver back into his racer and onto the track to compete against other Hot Wheels drivers and their cars.

​The Hot Wheels garage includes the following pieces.

  • ​1 Orange control panel

  • 10 Blue size 1 bricks

  • 5 Blue size 2 bricks

  • 4 Blue size 3 bricks

  • 6 Blue size 4 bricks

  • 3 Blue size 5 bricks

  • 1 Gray ramp attached to 2 blue size 5 bricks

  • 2 Gray (size 3?) double bent sticks

  • 2 Gray pairs of wheels

  • 1 Gray generator with power wrench attached by red cable

  • 2 Green Trio flags

  • 1 Purple car body

  • 1 Orange Hot Wheels sign

  • 1 Orange ramp

  • 1 Orange ramp end

  • 3 Orange size 6 picture panels

  • 2 Gray size 6 straight sticks

  • 1 Red race car driver

  • 1 Instruction booklet

​Trio Stunt Ramp Version 2.0

​The best information I can find ​about this set (W6039) ​is that it includes the original Stunt Ramp Builder (V9539), Lift 'n Go Garage (V9540), and 5 cars with their drivers - possibly the 5 listed below.

Assuming this is correct, this would be an awesome Trio set to own. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to find these days.

​5 More Trio Hot Wheels Cars to Race

​The first 3 cars shown below have 8 pieces each. The last 2 have 7 pieces each.

​Bone Shaker (set W2064) is a nasty-looking, black car that reminds me of the Munsters' vehicle.

W2065 Roger Dodger

W2065 Roger Dodger

​Roger Dodger has a souped up, red hot rod that looks like it should win any race. But will it?

W2066 Urban Agent

W2066 Urban Agent

​Urban Agent is a sleek, blue racer that would be worthy of 007.

​Howlin' Heat (set W9667) has quite a mouth at the front. I wouldn't want to get in his way.

​The picture above of the Torque Twister car (W9668) is a little deceiving, but it's the best I could find to show this orange car. You do not get the Stunt Ramp set with the car. Each is sold separately.