How To Sell Your GeoTrax for Fun and Profit


K3014 Vehicle Gift Set

Ah, the good ol’ days! Your children were young (i.e. between the ages of 2 and 7) and they loved their GeoTrax trains that you or Grandma and Grandpa gave them. But now they’ve outgrown them and you, the parent, are wondering how to sell your GeoTrax to another family who can give them some love too.

I have bought and sold GeoTrax through several channels over the years, so I have some suggestions for you based on my experiences. The channels include rummage sales, Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, and GeoTrax Packs.

Let’s take a look at each of these to see which one or ones might be a good avenue for you to dispose of your (formerly?) beloved GeoTrax toys.

Rummage / Yard / Garage Sales

No matter what you call these sales in your neck of the woods (I’ll stick with rummage), there a couple of prerequisites to selling GeoTrax at one of them.

N8343 Fire Station


First, you either have to organize a rummage sale yourself or be part of one in your neighborhood. I live in Wisconsin, so we have our rummage sales in the summer. I don’t know if folks who live closer to the equator have them all year around or not. The point is that this may limit the time when you can sell your toys.

Second, you have to decide whether to sell all your GeoTrax as one lot or as separate items. Then you have to physically put a price tag on each item or lot.

If you’ve ever been involved in running a rummage sale before, you know that his is a lot of work. In my opinion, selling GeoTrax this way is much more work than it’s worth.

Your potential buyers at a rummage sale can be a very small number, especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate. This obviously will not help with your sales.

“Give you a quarter for that” is the stereotypical quote you hear about rummage sales. The idea is that people are going to try to talk you down in price to next to nothing, no matter what the real value of the item is.

For all these reasons, but mostly for that last one, I don’t recommend selling your GeoTrax at a rummage sale. You’re simply not going to get anything close to what they are worth.

I’ve visited my fair share of rummage sales (as a buyer) and have rarely seen GeoTrax for sale. I hope this is because people are realizing that they can get more for them elsewhere.

Craigslist for Going Regional

I think of selling items on Craigslist like having a rummage sale on a larger, regional scale. You can sell one or more items per post. You don’t have to physically tag each item or group of items, but you will want to take pictures of them.

W6116 Big Bentley RC set


If you don’t already have a Craigslist account, you’ll have to create one. It’s pretty easy to do, and it’s free.

People who buy things on Craigslist tend to like to dicker on price too. So unless you say that your prices are “firm”, you should expect to be offered less than your posted price.

That means that you’ll want to post a price higher than you really expect to get. I would suggest doubling your price. If you have a set that you want $100 for, start by asking $200. Whether you post “OBO” (Or Best Offer) after your price is up to you. It depends how much you want to encourage haggling.

When using Craigslist, you’ll potentially be targeting a larger audience than with a rummage sale. Technically, you audience is worldwide, since it’s posted on the Internet. Realistically, you’re looking at a regional audience. The region that you live in is determined by the divisions setup by Craigslist. For example, I’m in the Milwaukee area even though I don’t live in the city of Milwaukee.

One thing that makes some people hesitant to use Craigslist is that you eventually have to meet with an unknown buyer. This really isn’t something to fear as long as you arrange to meet in a public place during the daytime. More and more police stations have an Internet Exchange area in their parking lots that you can use if you’re really afraid to meet elsewhere.

The one advantage that Craigslist has over Ebay or Amazon is that there are no fees involved. You get the full price agreed upon after any haggling is done.

I’ve seen many GeoTrax sets for sale on Craigslist and have purchased quite a few of them myself. If this sounds like the place for you, give it a shot. Whether it’s the best deal of all these channels or not will largely depend on the amount of haggling you do.

Ebay Is Really the World’s Rummage Sale

Ebay feels like a step up from Craigslist. Like Craigslist, you need to create a free account. You also need to take pictures of your items.

L4799 Bull and Bruno


Chances are that you have already visited Ebay yourself for one reason or another. You might even already have an account setup.

Your market has truly expanded here. Unless you purposely limit yourself to selling locally (which is an option) on Ebay, you are selling either nationally or internationally. Since you probably don’t want to or can’t ship worldwide, you’ll be selling to buyers in the continental United States. (Buyers from Alaska and Hawaii are few and far between because of the shipping costs.)

When you set up an Ebay listing, you have the option (as of this writing) to sell auction style (as virtually all Ebay listings used to be) or at a fixed price. Ebay would like you to sell at a fixed price these days. That’s the way I sell in my listings. I also include the cost of shipping in my listing price and then offer free shipping to the buyer. It comes out pretty much the same in the end, but buyers love to see “Free Shipping”.

As I mentioned briefly above, Ebay (and Amazon) will take a cut of your final sale price. Ebay will also charge you a listing fee (unless you have a special subscription with them – which costs money too).

As to how much you can charge for your GeoTrax on Ebay, it’ll probably be more than on Craigslist but less than on Amazon. You should search Ebay for the item your plan to sell and see how much it has been selling for (using the Sold Items link in the left column of search results) and how much others are currently asking (sort from low to high and remember to add shipping into the sale price as needed).

You’ll price your item based on those prices and how quickly you hope to sell it. The lower the price, the quicker it should sell.

When figuring shipping costs, I (living in Wisconsin) figure that I’ll have to pay $10 to ship to either coast. For some reason, I seem to have a lot of buyers who do live on the coasts. Depending on your location, you may have to include more than $10 in your “free shipping” calculations.

If your item doesn’t sell after the allotted amount of time (30 days for fixed auctions), you can relist it without refilling out the sales form. You will be charged another listing fee, if it doesn’t sell.

If you have incomplete GeoTrax sets or want to sell multiple sets in one listing (perhaps all your toys in one shot), I think Ebay is the place for you. Creating a listing can feel like a lot of work, but you’ll probably only be doing it once or just a few times for your GeoTrax sets.

Amazon Is King


P8965 Goldstein and Grant

Many people do not realize that most of the items sold on Amazon are not sold by Amazon per se but are really supplied by third party sellers. This may be you.

Just as you may already have an Ebay account, you may already have an Amazon account. Maybe you even have a Prime account. It’s just that popular. I’ve had an account for so long that I honestly don’t recall how to sign up, but I’m sure it can’t be very hard.

Amazon is the place to sell GeoTrax if you have individual sets that are working and complete. You can sell nearly complete sets, but it can be difficult to let buyers know what they’re going to be getting.

You don’t have to take pictures of your items, but I recommend that you do. Pictured items seem to sell better than listings without pictures.

Technically, you don’t sell “used” toys on Amazon. You sell “collectible” toys. Some buyers misunderstand this expecting something more than a used toy, but they are few and far between.

The easiest way to start the listing process of your GeoTrax on Amazon is to search for the set first. (If you’re not sure what makes up a complete set, check GeoTrax Pack for details. If you can’t find it there, contact me for help.)

After you click into the listing of the set, you most likely will see a link to the collectible items for sale. Click through to those to see what prices others are selling them at.

At that point, you should also see a link near the top of the page asking if you have one of your own to sell. Clicking that “sell” link will take you to the form you need to complete to list your GeoTrax set.

Amazon will add a certain amount to the sale price you set to allow for shipping. Generally, you don’t get to change that amount. But Amazon will also take their cut from your sale price. This usually cancels out the shipping amount leaving you with a profit of roughly what you charged the buyer in the first place.

Amazon lets you ship the items from home. I only mention this because high-volume sellers sometimes choose to have Amazon store their items for them under the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) program. I choose not to get involved with FBA. It makes more sense for me to sell from home. It probably would for you too.

Amazon is a good place to sell if you have complete GeoTrax sets in good condition. You’ll be able to charge the highest prices there compared to the other venues. I think this is largely because many people simply love buying from a highly-trusted seller (Amazon) and sometimes because they have those free Amazon bucks they want to spend.

GeoTrax Packs (That’s Me) Might Be Interested Too

If you have visited the store here at GeoTrax Packs, you already know that I have dozens and dozens of miscellaneous pieces and some sets for sale.

As I mentioned earlier, I also sell GeoTrax at Ebay and Amazon, so I have quite a large inventory almost all the time.

Would I be interested in buying your GeoTrax?

Maybe. It depends what you have and how much money you need for them.

I’m mostly interested in the smaller remote control sets that are just a train (or other vehicle like a car or a truck). Sometimes these sets include the little people or signs or other small accessories.

T1350 Holiday Express Train
T1350 Holiday Express Train

I might also be interested in what you have if it’s something I don’t currently have in stock and/or have never seen before.

When I am interested in buying from someone and the purchase would involve shipping, I normally offer to pay for the shipping. Note that such a transaction would involve PayPal for movement of funds.

If you are interested in having me buy your GeoTrax from you, just contact me and I’ll let you know whether we can make a deal or not.

I hope all of this gives you at least one channel for selling your GeoTrax. If you have further questions about any of these processes, just let me know.