Trio Animals: Crazy Creatures, a Zany Zoo, and a Dinosaur

What Can You Do with a Mixed Up Zoo?

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The Fisher Price Trio animal sets will entertain your child for a long time. There are three sets that especially feature animals.

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P6836 - Crazy Creatures

V1975 - Zany Zoo

V1976 - Dinosaur

Each of these is shown and described in detail below. All three of them give you dozens of pieces for making the prescribed critters or designing your own.

How Many Trio Crazy Creatures Can You Make?

P6836 Crazy Creatures book and bits

P6836 Crazy Creatures book and bits

The official instruction leaflet shows how to make 6 creatures. They resemble a crab, an ant, a fly, a scorpion, a snail, and a centipede.

​Each creature uses different numbers of 54 pieces, with the snail having the fewest (11) and the centipede having the most (39).

With just a little creativity, you could easily design your own weird creature - four eyes and all - that employs all 54 pieces provided.

Here are the bricks, sticks, panels, and more that you should get in a complete Crazy Creatures set.

  • 2 Green size 1 angle bricks
  • 3 Green size 3 bricks
  • 1 Green size 5 brick
  • 1 Green size 2 brick
  • 5 Green size 1 bricks
  • 3 Orange size 2 bricks
  • 9 Orange size 1 brick
  • 4 Orange triangular panels
  • 12 Yellow size 3 curved sticks
  • 5 Yellow size 3 straight sticks
  • 5 Yellow size 4 double bent sticks
  • 4 White and black eyeballs
  • 1 Instruction leaflet

What Does a Trio Zany Zoo Look Like?

I don't have my own picture of the Trio Zany Zoo (V1975) yet, but I can tell you what the instruction booklet shows that you can make.

​The booklet gives the steps in the construction of an elephant, a giraffe, and a crocodile (or alligator, if you prefer).

The elephant uses 32 pieces, the giraffe has 42, and the crocodile needs 46.

There are also pictures of two more critters, but there are no steps given for their creation. One looks like a rhinoceros with 28 pieces. The other is some fantastic creature with 8 legs and 6 scales down its back. It uses 66 of the 84 total pieces in the set.

A complete Zany Zoo has these pieces.

  • 18 Red size 1 bricks
  • 17 Yellow size 2 bricks
  • 10 Purple size 3 bricks
  • 2 Green size 4 bricks
  • 1 Blue size 5 brick
  • 11 Orange size 1 angle bricks
  • 3 Orange double angle bricks
  • 2 White and black eyeballs
  • 4 Green size 3 straight sticks
  • 10 Green size 4 curved sticks
  • 6 Green triangular panels
  • 1 Instruction booklet

How Many Trio Bricks, Sticks, and Panels Make Up Your Dinosaur?

V1976 Dinosaur

V1976 Dinosaur

This ferocious beast with the big blue mouth has 57 pieces. You can almost imagine this T-Rex dinosaur walking straight at you, can't you?

I can also imagine this set being a favorite of many youngsters. What's not to like about a dinosaur you actually put together yourself, especially when you can then make him do what you want?

While most children will be able to construct this dinosaur by themselves, I did find the directions to be ​a little unclear at times. If children need help the first time, fine. I'm sure they'll do okay on their own the next time. (Maybe the difficulty was just with me.)

​You also get instructions for a stegosaurus, a brontosaurus, and a pterodactyl (if I have my dinosaur classifications correct) in the booklet. An additional dinosaur is also shown fully constructed but without the step-by-step design process.

The T-Rex shown above uses all the pieces in the set, which are listed below.

  • 13 Yellow green size 1 bricks
  • 1 Yellow green double angled brick
  • 14 Green size 2 bricks
  • 10 Yellow green size 3 bricks
  • 6 Blue size 1 angle bricks
  • 2 Blue size 4 bricks
  • 1 Blue size 5 brick
  • 6 Orange triangular panels
  • 2 Orange size 4 curved sticks
  • 2 White and black eyeballs
  • 1 Instruction booklet