Where to Buy GeoTrax Sets

When Fisher Price first introduced GeoTrax in 2003, they probably sent the toys to brick and mortar stores, like Toys R Us, Kohl’s (a midwestern chain), and others, all over the country.

B1836 Train Engine
B1836 Train Engine

I don’t have the history of GeoTrax to confirm this, but it seems a likely thing for the company to have done back in those days. Perhaps they even offered GeoTrax via their own online store from the very beginning, if it existed then.

Today, however, where to buy GeoTrax is a little (but not much) tougher question to answer. Pretty much the only places you can find GeoTrax sets and lots containing GeoTrax are online – either at eBay and Amazon or at places like UniSquare, OnlineAuctions, and Craigslist. You can also find them right here at GeoTrax Packs.

UPDATE: In addition to the sites already mentioned, you might find GeoTrax at your local Facebook Marketplace. Go to the Martketplace and do a search for “GeoTrax”.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these sites.

What Is Available at GeoTrax Packs?

I have a sizable inventory of GeoTrax sets that I sell on most of the sites listed below. I also sell some of them right here on GeoTrax Packs. See the menu at the right to dive into the store.

You might consider buying your GeoTrax directly from GeoTrax Packs because I can generally offer lower prices than on Amazon or eBay, since no fees are involved.

Shipping is always free. I currently can only sell to customers in the United States. The store here is as secure as any other online shopping place.

Get more details about the store here.

Can I Find GeoTrax on Craigslist?

If you’re not in a hurry to make a GeoTrax purchase, you can hang out at your local Craigslist and hope that what you’re looking for shows up. I’ve compiled some of the current Craigslist GeoTrax posts for you here. [Update: That list no longer exists on that linked page.]

Depending on your exact location, Craigslist may or may not work very well for you in general. You may not live close to the source of the goods that someone is offering and may not want to (or be able to) drive that far to pick them up.

You can get some good GeoTrax deals on Craigslist, if your willing to haggle a little. It seems most people who are selling there are looking for quick cash and are willing to bargain. Speaking of cash, that’s most likely what you’ll need to pay for the goods. You probably won’t be able to use a credit card or even PayPal.

Perhaps the biggest downside of getting GeoTrax on Craigslist is that you probably aren’t going to get complete sets. There are many exceptions, but you can’t count on all the pieces being there. The seller may not even know what makes up a complete set anymore. These toys are virtually indestructible, but bits and pieces do get lost over time.

What GeoTrax Sets Can I Find at Amazon?

L3133 Grand Central Station
L3133 Grand Central Station

Amazon is, as of this writing, the world’s largest online retailer. You can find just about anything you want or need there, including GeoTrax sets, and it will either be brand new or it probably will be in like new condition.

You won’t find every single set there at any given point in time. Like many other products, it’s a case of supply and demand.

With GeoTrax, condition isn’t usually a factor, since the pieces were built to last from the start. There are a few soft plastic pieces that can become bent, but that is actually rather rare.

Partly because Amazon is so big and so well-controlled, sellers can and do ask top dollar for GeoTrax sets. You probably won’t find what you could call a bargain there, but it may be the only place you can find a given set.

Once you get over the sticker shock, you’ll realize there are a lot of nice sets there (or, at least, used to be). Consider this: You’ll probably own any set you buy for several years – as many as 5, 6, 7, or more. If you figure the cost divided by years of ownership, it’s really not that much. A set that costs $50 or $100 now is only $10 or $20 over just five years of use.

So I think paying what feels like a premium at Amazon for a scarce GeoTrax set is worth the cost in the long run. Given the quality and durability of GeoTrax (these things are virtually unbreakable), scarce sets are only likely to increase in cost over time. If you can only find what you want at Amazon, go ahead and pay the price now rather than wait and wind up paying more later.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a used set at Amazon. Since Amazon doesn’t have a “used” designation for toys and games, you’ll see them listed as “collectible”. If such a set is complete or nearly complete, it’s worth a look. You do have to click through to the collectible listings, rather than just looking at the basic product page that Amazon first shows you.

Used sets are usually priced lower than new sets. They often don’t come with original packaging or instructions, but neither of those items is really needed. The set is probably already put together, and you’ll likely dump the pieces into a bin or toy box rather than try to put them back into a cardboard box anyway.

Sellers of used sets sometimes include pictures of the actual toys they have for sale. (I normally did when I sold GeoTrax on Amazon.) It’s nice to be able to see exactly what you’re getting instead of a stock photo from another site.

Recently (2017), Amazon has become more restrictive about the GeoTrax sets they allow 3rd party sellers to list there. They have classified some of them as “building toys” – even though they’re not – and required sellers to get (expensive) access to sell such sets. This is one reason you may not be able to find some sets there anymore, or if you do find them, they may be priced ridiculously high.

That said, I still think Amazon is the best site overall (with the possible exception of GeoTrax Packs, of course) to shop for GeoTrax.

Can I Find GeoTrax in the Listings at eBay?

Generally speaking, GeoTrax sets are less expensive at eBay than at Amazon. There are exceptions here too but not many.

At eBay you can more easily find pieces to complete partial sets you may already own. You can probably also find extra pieces, like track or signs, to add to your layout without buying a full set.

Many sellers on eBay (much like those on Craigslist) aren’t real sure what makes up a complete and original (official) set. Sometimes you will get a real hodge-podge of pieces. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because all GeoTrax sets work together with each other. However, that may not be what you’re in the market for.

If you’re looking for variety at a reasonable price, eBay is probably the best place to go.

Which Other Smaller Sites Should I Check for GeoTrax?

You may be aware of some of the many smaller auction sites that give eBay a little competition. One that I have sometimes found useful is UniSquare.

UniSquare is setup much like eBay as far as auction duration and other features. The main difference between the two is that UniSquare gets its income from ads, not from auction fees.

Since those who sell items, like GeoTrax sets, on UniSquare don’t have to pay auction fees, they can afford to sell for a little less than on eBay, and they often do.

You may be able to find the exact set being offered on both sites but find it for less on UniSquare. The trade-off is that there aren’t nearly as many offerings at UniSquare (and other similar sites) as there are at eBay. So you might have to be more patient when shopping there.

Update: I used to sell a few GeoTrax items at UniSquare. I don’t anymore. It seems that currently (2022) not many other people do either.

Where to Buy GeoTrax Pieces

The upshot of all of this is that you’ll probably want to look around at all of these sites to find what you want and then to find the best deal on it. That’s easy enough to do these days and doesn’t take very long.

If you end up wanting to make a purchase at one of the auction sites, you may be able to use a “Buy It Now” option that most auction sites offer. You may have to pay a little more, but time is money.

I still have a fair amount of miscellaneous pieces for sale here too. Feel free to contact me about whether I have what you’re looking for.

Enjoy your search and, if you find what you were looking for, enjoy playing with your GeoTrax sets. Just don’t forget to let your child play with them too!